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    Home Boho Decor bohemian

    I really like homes with a lot of details around. I would like my home to be full with souvenirs and memories I gathered through my life. There are always interesting stories behind all of that. Colorful, with pictures on the walls, flowers around, birth stones, books and souvenirs from around the world. Back home […]

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  • Things to buy from Malta

    Things to buy from Malta

    If you think of Malta’s location, it is obvious that it has always been a trading island. Over the years the merchant played a big role in its economy and many handcrafts left models for many souvenirs, which will take your attention. In this country there are a few shopping malls that are not very […]

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  • Cool Travel Blogs to follow

    cool travel blogs to follow road trip

    The other day I found some cool travel blogs to follow, and I would really like to share some of them with you. If you do a research, or you simply want to find something connected to traveling, you will see how many travel blogs there actually are. I always find something inspiring and useful. […]