5 reasons to visit Taormina Sicily

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Taormina is a small hill city on the East coast of Sicily. In this post I give you five reasons to visit Taormina, which is considered as on of the best tourist destinations in Sicily. The city as it is offers a pleasant ambient, it has a dramatic coastline, many beaches ,wonderful houses and many cute shops. Take a better look at my trip to Taormina, and book your flight.

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Great Beaches

In the area of Taormina you can find different types of beaches. The most beautiful one is Isola Bella, a very nice place to visit, but during the day it gets very crowded and  it is very expensive. But the small island in the middle offers a great walking tour. Thank there is the small sandy bay of Mazzaro and the 3 km long Giardini Naxos sandy beach.

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Spectacular Views

The cost line of the area of Taormina is very dramatic and it has spectacular views from many different places. You wont miss to see the active volcano Etna in the distance, you can even take a tour all the way up. The blue horizon of the Ionian sea is a great relaxing thing and the water looks amazing with all the yachts floating on its surface. The city of Taormina is hiding on the hill covered with many green trees and the colorful Bougainvillea flowers all around. Simply amazing.

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Wonderful Shops

As in very other touristic place there are many shops and you can simply lose yourself in their cuteness. Many thing in the spirit of Sicily, souvenirs, clothes, food and many other things that you can expect in a tourist city. The streets are full and all shops are calling. Don’t go empty pockets. And know that the city is a bit expensive.

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Ancient Architecture

A great place to see is Teatro Greco, and ancient theater dating from the third century BC. There are daily tours offered, but it is also used for many cultural events. My main visit to Taormina was because of the concert of Eddie Vedder, and I can only tell that was one of the best musical gatherings I have been. The theater is locate on a wonderful location and it also offers amazing view.

Amazing food

Not in any way you can miss to taste the delicious food of Sicily. The cuisine is obviously very rich and everyday you should taste something different. I can only say that in every place we ate the food was simply amazing. Know that it is a must. Pasta, pizza, rice, seafood,salads, great vine and of course gelato.

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I highly recommend you to visit Taormina. I really had a great time in Sicily and you can find everything for a perfect holiday. This is the only place I visited in Sicily, so if you have other recommendations you are very welcome to share them in the comments. Read more on The Bohemian Style and don’t forget to subscribe.


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