About The Bohemian Style

Hi, I am Slage and I would like to welcome you to my blog. My piece of art.

I created The Bohemian Style as a space where I can express myself and share many things with you. I find the beauty in sharing my travel stories, my photographs, my creations and everything else that I like and experience on this journey of mine. I am a curious person, I will never stop learning and there are many things that I enjoy. With all of that, I just hope that I will create a value and something useful for everyone else. I really like to inspire people, as other people, in many ways, inspire me.

Bohemian: A wanderer, an artist, a person who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices. Creative person who is a free-spirited and open-minded thinker.

The Bohemian Style is a way of living, and that’s why my main topics are lifestyle and travel. You can read more about the best Bohemian definition on this link. There are many topics that I write about, and there is always something new to discover. As many other people I also want to experience many thing that this life has to offer, but I also want to become the best of me, and bring my spirituality to a much higher level.

Know that I am a Macedonian and I live on the marvelous island of Malta. You will find much more about me in my posts. Since this is my biggest hobby, not my full time job, I write only when I can and when there is something new and interesting going on around. You are more then welcome to also share you opinions with me.

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Love & be kind