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Here in Malta you can find many shops with affordable Boho Clothes. I will share where I always check if there is something new and interesting for my wardrobe.

Where to buy Affordable Boho Clothes


Jennyfer is a French brand which has become my favorite one for shopping in Malta. There are many boho clothes which satisfy my taste, and the prices are really not expensive and everyone can afford a piece of their creations. From dresses to shirts,coats and jackets, and some interesting accessories can take your attention. It is definitely my favorite brand here, and I shop there very often. CheckΒ  We are Jennyfer, and also see my looks.

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Other place where I find some boho styled clothes is Bershka. It is a brand of the Spanish group Inditex. It is said that this is a brand for adventurous young people, who are aware of the latest trends and are interested in music, social networks and new technologies. Simply perfect. πŸ™‚ This is not a boho brand but, there are many pieces that fit what I like. Check what they offer on the following link. This is what I have.

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Tom Tailor

Tom Tailor knows to surprise me with its boho dresses, skirts and t-shirts. I have newer done a big shopping here, but now and than I have seen such a cute bohemian designs that I couldn’t resist, or it was hard resisting. πŸ˜€ This is a well known brand which can satisfy many styles. Check their site.


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Tally Weijl

The creators are from Paris and the clothes are being made in Basel. In their shops everything looks so cute and boho, and there are always many things I want to have. But unfortunately, my experience has shown me that the quality of the clothes is not good at all. I have some jeans and some shirts, and the materials have lost from their quality. πŸ™ I really had to mention it, because all the things are good looking with that bohemian vibe, but because of the quality problems I stopped shopping there. Check them here, and please I would really want to hear your opinion on this.


A British Bohemian brand, which has taken my heart. Many times I go in just to stare at their products and fill my heart with the amazing boho items they have, and at the same time to fill my soul with sorrow. I want to have everything!!! And it’s painful when you can not afford everything you want. πŸ˜€ But once again the quality has disappointed me a bit. I bought beach sandals, and they torn very fast, I’ve bought some Braceletes and some of them got ruined, again, very quickly. But anyway, I still adore Accessorize, and I am sure many others do.

Where do you buy your boho clothes. I am willing to discover new shops.

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