Afternoon tea in a bohemian way

afternoon tea party boho bohemian ideas

Today I want to share some wonderful ideas of creating an ambiance for a bohemian afternoon tea party. I really admire all the china cups and plates  designed in a bohemian way, that can perfectly fit your kitchen or dining room.

History of Afternoon tea

Drinking tea dates back from the third millennium BC in China. In Englanit was popularized in 1660s by King Charles II, and in 19th century the “afternoon tea” concept become popular. It was introduced by Anna, the seventh  Duchess of Bedford in 1840. In her house there was a long period of time between lunch and dinner, so at around four o’clock, Anna often asked for tray of tea, bread and butter, and cake. She even started inviting her friends to join her. So, this become a fashionable social event.

Traditional afternoon tea

The afternoon tea consist of dainty sandwiches, scones,biscuits, pastries and cakes.Tea is served in tea pots in a cute china cups. In my opinion there are not so rules to follow, you can always offer what you have. On this link you can find a lot of ideas on how to make some amazingly tasty pastries and so. Make sure that you also have tea, obviously,napkins, serving tray, milk, lemon, honey and sugar. Everyone has a different taste of drinking the tea. If you have the opportunity offer different kinds of teas.

Ideas for an afternoon tea in a bohemian way

Here you can find some really cute and amazing ideas of cups, tea pots and plates you can use for your afternoon tea. Enjoy the selection.

afternoon tea party decoration cups bohemian boho

afternoon tea party boho bohemian design decoration cups plates

afternoon tea party bohemian boho cups china decoration

afternoon tea party decor cups boho bohemian

boho bohemian afternoon tea party

afternoon tea party boho decor cups idea

afternoon tea party boho decor design cups plates idea

afternoon tea party ideas cups china

afternoon tea bohemian style

afternoon tea

Simply adorable. I would really like to have some of this items in my home. Why do you thing of this kind of party in a bohemian way? I definitely want to be invited.

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