Art of living – Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique and meditation

Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique

Experiencing Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique.

I must admit that I am in a desperate need for everyday habits change, and I do as much as I can to implement some new routines and practices in my life. There is much of what I would do, but I constantly have a lack of time, and there is always something else to be done. Or, even when there is time, than you like spending it resting and doing nothing. Life is funny, and everything that I want to do is to become a better and happier person. There is always space to be better, isn’t it?

Art of Living is an organisation founded by Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, an Indian spiritual leader, for whom I’ve heard from a friend back in Macedonia. I also had a book with a wonderful quotes to inspire and lift your spirit. I found out that this organisation is now based in Malta, and is organizing great meditation and mindfulness workshops.

A few days ago I went on one of their workshops and I must admit I am very satisfied from the new things I learned. This event took place in Saint Clare primary school in San Gwan, and it was held by Emanuele Righes. I like how he transferred his knowledge, and I am very happy that I learned some new things that I am very willing to share them with you.

Meditation is hard for me to explain because I still don’t understand it well, and the only way I can understand it well, is by practicing. There are different types of meditation. It is a practice where you have to focus the mind on a certain object, mandala, or the breath in a way that you achieve mentally clear and emotionally calm state. Meditation is a practice of becoming aware of yourself, your body, mind and spirit. I try to meditate as much as I can, but it is not on a daily base. I can say that whenever I do meditate I feel much better after, it is very calming and relaxing. It is said that by practicing often, and making a meditation your everyday habit, a person can change it’s life.

On this workshop we practiced one of Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique called Victory breathing. Breathing is the first act of life, and most probably you are aware how it is connected with our emotions. When we are upset we breathe faster, when we are hurt, breathing becomes very hard, and when we are happy breathing becomes, ahhh, well you know the best how you feel when you are happy. It is proven that breath is an effective tool to releasse stress and impurities from the system, and it brings clarity and focus to the mind. It is connected to our emotions and it plays essential role in how we feel, physically and emotionally. I was surprised by the fact that we only use like 35% of our lung capacity, and the potential of the breath to detoxify and cleanse ourselves is big.

Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique is a powerful and simple rhythmic breathing that eliminates stress, fatigue and negative emotions by energizing the body and also relaxing our whole being. Take a look at this video to get a better understanding of how the breathing techniques can help us in everyday life.

After the experiencing Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique, we had a guided meditation by Emanuele. That was a nice calming journey in within. We had to concentrate again on the breath, and that is how you practice of becoming still and present. It is not easy, I must admit, constantly a thought comes up, accept it, pay attention and than go back to following your breath.

I am very willing to found more people who meditate and do yoga. It is a path that people chose, and I feel it is the right on. So if you are on the same path as me, please share your experiences, lift up somebody’s life, teach them something new and powerful. read more of my stories and experiences on The Bohemian Style. Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.


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