The most beautiful gardens in Malta

The most beautiful gardens in Malta

Malta is an archipelago in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily, Tunis and Libya. The landscape consist of low hills and terraced fields.It doesn’t have mountains, it doesn’t have forests, it doesn’t have river valleys, but it has some amazingly beautiful gardens, and I enjoy spending time in some of them.
I am sure there are much more I have to discover, but the ones that I know are highly recommended for visiting.

Upper Barakka beautify Garden
Upper Barakka Garden in Valletta.

Only in Valletta, there are three beautiful gardens, and they are a great relaxing spot. My favorite one is Lower Barakka Garden. Whenever I go to Valletta, this is a place where I want to drink my take away coffee and enjoy the wonderful view towards The Three Cities and the great harbor. From there you can also see the Upper Barakka Garden, but this one is usually crowded and is considered as the most popular.

beautiful gardens malta valletta
Hastings Gardens in Valletta. Photo was taken in January.

On the other side of Valletta, there is the Hastings Garden.. It is a calm place with a nice view, benches and trees.

Garden floriana elf malta
Sa Maison Garden in Floriana. The Elf Garden!!!

In Floriana, comes a very big and mysterious garden, which me and my boyfriend discovered, and it got my hart. You must visit it and see what am I talking about. When I am there, I feel like in an Elf garden. It is old around 400 years, and it looks towards Msida and Taxbiex yacht yard.

Gardens attard malta path
San Anton Garden in Attard.

Next comes the colourful and amazing San Anton Garden in Attard, which is only 20 minutes by foot from my home. This is the biggest garden I know so far, and it is decorated with many different flowers and trees, and other plants from around the world. The garden is big enough, and it also has a small pond with swans, and ducks and turtle in it.
I find this gardens very beautiful and sometimes I take my camera and go photo shooting around.

Have you visited some of this gardens? Is there any other garden I should visit? For more from Malta read my other stories on The Bohemian Style.


Beautiful Gardens in Malta