The best pain killer

The best pain killer

This last two days I was struggling with paints in my belly. “Those days” are here. So, I’ve decided to share with you the best alternative pain killer I know.

The people from the Balkan have a traditional very popular home-made drink known as Rakija. It is an alcohol drink made of grapes, boiled on a high temperature. This kind of brandy can be also made from different types of fruits or plants. The older the Rakija, the better it is.

But not only for drinking it, we also use it as a pain killer and for other health problems. If you ask me why, I wouldn’t know to give you the exact answer. But I can claim about the effects it gives.

Rakija as the best menstrual pain killer

What you need to do is very simple. You will need Rakija of course, black pepper and a tea towel, or anything similar to it.

You fold the towel, so it covers the place of pain. But before you put the towel on your belly, put some Rakija on it and a lot of black pepper. The side of the towel that you put the healing ingredients on, you will have to put it directly on the area where you feel the pain, directly on your skin.

You may feel uncomfortable cold because of the Rakija, but in 15 minutes you will start feeling the pain goes away. You will have to make sure that the towel stays on the area of pain at least 30 minutes or even more. When you decide to remove it, be careful because of all the black pepper that will be stick to your skin.

This is a treatment that helps me the best, and whenever I have Rakija (keep in mind that I am living on Malta), I choose it over a pill.

This way of healing can be also used for a headache or pain of the tonsils. For this you simply put the towel around your neck.

So if you ever have this drink in your house make the best use of it. With this post I open my Health & Beauty category. For more tips like this follow The Bohemian Style.