Bohemian Costume Ideas for Halloween

bohemian costumes for halloween

At the end of the month there is one of the most interesting holidays that many people are looking forward to. There are many us us who enjoy the adventure of being someone else for a while. Halloween is this kind of event that offers that pleasure. I made a little research recently, and I found some interesting bohemian costume ideas for Halloween, which will encourage you and might get a spell to your imagination.

Have in mind that all unique artist can be considered as bohemians, so may even become some of the bohemian icons through history. Or you can be a bohemian traveler, a gypsy or a hippy. Any way you will have to express yourself mostly through the clothes you are going to wear. Here you can find some interesting ideas.

Bohemian Costume Ideas for Halloween


Tarot Lady
Bohemian Dancer
Bohemian Goddess
Bohemian Gipsy
Bohemian Tarot Lady
Boho Bebe
Boho Fortune Teller
Cute Bohemian Pirate
Bohemian Fortune Teller

Fill free to experiment and mix the colors and the patterns. In this style “too much” is never too much. The bohemians are a piece of art in any way, so wear it with a style. 😀 Here are some checklists of what you might need.



I would really like if you can share your bohemian costume ideas for Halloween and where will you go for the night. Hope all of you have fun and adventurous time. I can’t wait to see all the masks from around the world. In the mean time check mu other topics on The Bohemian Style.