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Let’s get some Bohemian Quotes wisdom!

Since lately I am obsessed with The Bohemian Style, I try to explore as much as I can, and offer something useful and interesting for all the readers of my blog.  Today I chose Bohemian Quotes Most of the time, I ask Google for everything I need, but I really want to explore a lot, and get the right information, or right perception of the things.

Probably, two weeks ago, I googled for Bohemian Movies. I needed to get informed well, and also enjoy that late hours after midnight. I ran on “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, a Woody Allen movie from 2008. I’ve had watched it before, but I have forgotten a lot of the movie, and who knows what was I thinking then, so, I thought it was a god idea to go through it once again. I liked it, I liked it a lot.

It is a romantic adventure of two American ladies, who go to Barcelona to spend the summer, and find out what they want from their lives. The story is really interesting, since both of them fell in love with the same guy, a bohemian artist, with an unusual look for the things in life. To be even more interesting there is his ex-wife, with even crazier and unusual perception of the things. For me there were many conversations worth of attention, since we are living in a crazy relationships life and there is tough understanding between men and women.

In this post I am sharing with you some nice Bohemian quotes from this bohemian movie.

Only unfulfilled love can be romantic.

After thousands of years of civilization they still haven’t learned to love.

We are meant for each other and not meant for each other. It’s contradiction.

I’ll go to your room, but you’ll have to seduce me.

You’re still searching for me in every woman.

You’ll always seek to duplicate what we had

Love requires such a perfect balance

But love is so transient. Isn’t it? I was in love with a most incredible woman… and then in the end…

If you don’t start undressing me soon this is going to turn into a panel discussion.

Life is short. Life is dull. Life is full of pain and this is a chance for something special.

Chronic Dissatisfaction, that’s what you have!

I don’t know what I want, I only know what I don’t like.

She always had problems with reality.

I feel like I have a lot to express, but I am not gifted.

You are still searching for me in every woman!

This are some of those quotes that I wanted to give them bigger meaning, because I believe that everyone can find some motivation, a daily wisdom, or simply the biggest truth in some of them. I also made nice Bohemian Quotes Pictures if you are willing to share them or send them to someone, feel free to do that.

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