My Boho Bag – Such a cute surprise

Boho Bag

It was a while ago when I received this cute Boho Bag. I was expecting a mail from Germany. Me and my friend, Nela, decided that we want to send each other something. We haven’t seen each other in like 4 years. My choice was a postcard which I colored, and I wrote her some sincere words. With all my love included, she got the postcard earlier than I got her present.

It was one of those days when I simply decided to  be grateful. I remember there was a good deed I did before going out of my apartment. I remember that when I went out, and I headed my self to work, something made me go check mail box. Intuition. When I sow that there is actual mail, my joy was enormous. Nela did my day. And because previously I did a good deed, this was like a reward. The feeling was wonderful. Just to let you know, I am that kind of person that loves presents. I want to give them and receive them. Even the smallest one can make me the happiest.

There was this cute Boho Bag with a postcard and some nice words from my friend. I will say that this bag is more for the summer.

Boho Bag

I am not sure how much use of it I will find in the winter, but I like it a lot, and I managed to do some nice boho-chic combinations. Some kind of arylide yellow or buff color is dominant, with dark spring green and some strong pink details. And just because of those strong pink details, this Boho Bag will be only for the summer. 🙂

Nela said that at the moment she sow the bag, she thought of me. And she wasn’t wrong, it is such an ideal present. Thank you Nelko. I really hope my present also made her happy. And I really hope I am going to see this girl asap.

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