Boho Barefoot Sandals

Boho Barefoot Sandals

I was going through Pinterest, admiring all the Bohemian creations there exist, and the Boho Barefoot Sandals took my attention. I can not say that they are becoming more and more popular, but they can give such an uniqueness to the daily look of every Boho Girl.

I talk about foot jewelry, a decoration for our lovely feet, that dated back from South Asia. On this side of the world, the foot jewelry was worn on a very special events, like weddings.

In Egypt, on the other side, the foot jeweler was a royal thing to do. History shows that anklets were very popular among the Egyptian women. The European history says that the bronze anklets are coming from the Bronze Age, and they were widely worn as an accepted accessory.

Boho Barefoot Sandals

The Barefoot Sandals can be made from different material and in different style. I choose Boho Barefoot Sandals, to inspire you and I am sure you are going to love them. Use your creativity and you can make them by yourself. This kind of sandals, or foot jewelry don’t have soles and there is always a loop where the second or the third toe goes through. The rest of the jewelry comes around the ankle.

Flowers and owls, different colors and many designs look irresistible. The Boho Barefoot Sandals can be combined and worn with real sandals and different outfits. I’ve selected some pictures of this kind of accessories and I hope you find the beauty I did. If some of you know how to make this please share your work with me. I am a curious Boho and all of my new articles can be found on The Bohemian Style.