Boho bracelet – Namastay Wild Present

namasty wilde boho bracelet bohemian style

Hi my boho ladies! Today I have something great to share with you. Recently I received a wonderful boho bracelet from Namastay Wild, which is enchanting online store. I had the privilege to choose one of their amazing products and share it wit you! I really like the bracelet, but after a while I may do a giveaway, so it bring joy to someone else. 🙂

Namastay Wild is an online shop that offers bohemian products, with a shipment all over the world. Go check it immediately  and I guarantee you will find many interesting things to satisfy your taste. You will find cute bohemian jewelry, accessories, clothes and decorative products. The prices are very reasonable and I am sure you can afford something. 🙂 Besides, with the Namastay Wild Mystery offer, that will pop up on the screen once you enter the site, you can spin the wheel and you may won a great discount.

As I said, I choose this magnetic black and white bracelet, with a touch of gold link chain on it. It comes in different colors thou. On this link you can check the other colors and order which one fits you best. They are all cute and you can wear them on different occasions and styles.

Here are some pictures I made for you.

boho bracelet the bohemian style namastay wilde

boho bracelet namastay wild the bohemian style

boho bracelet the bohemian style namastay wild

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you find yourself a nice present. As Namastay Wild says “Follow your arrow”. Thank you!

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