Boho Chic Style Elements for the perfect outfit

Boho Chic Style

Boho Chic Style become popular in 2002. That year the journalist Laura Demasi, described the popular gypsy look as Boho Chic. It includes flowy clothing, ethnic inspired accessories, vintage elements and natural looking make-up and hair. In my eyes this is a colourful style, with many details, making it a piece of art. Today it is one of the most spectacular and feminine styles.

Boho Chic Style Elements

Natural Tones and Fabrics


Clothes made of natural tones and fabrics must be present in your wardrobe. Fashion items made of cotton, linen, silk, leather and chiffon are must have things. Good choice are the pieces in natural tones and colours, like white, brown, beige, red and orange, and dark green.

Wearing fur is considered to be cruel and unethical. But there are many boho chic style items made of faux fur.

Lace, Crochet and many other decorations


Lace dresses and tops, different hats and bags are some of the things every bohemian will have among the things.

Fun Patterns


There are many patterns in the Boho Chic Style. From floral, feather, tribal, ethnic-inspired prints, fun patterns. Usually whenever there is an item with patterns the combination goes with neutral coloured items. That brings a balance to the whole outfit.

Fitted and Flowy Clothes

It looks very nice when there is a combination of flowy and fitted clothes. Not everything should be flowy.

Avoid Neon Colours

Say no to this kind of colours, and put your attention on all the colours that can be found in the nature. Grassy green, jewel tones, clear mountain lake and much more.

The accessories is a must


It is said that Boho is all about “layers, and accessories are an important part of it.”

Wear different bracelets either on your hand or around the ankle. Don’t forget the earrings, which are usually made of metal and natural stones. Beside all of this think of adding a colourful bag, some hat, vintage sunglasses, or any other piece that can fit your outfit for the day.

There is only one thing you should remember, don’t overdo it! Find more of Boho on The Bohemian Style.

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