Preparations for The Bubble festival

The Bubble festival preparations

Preparations for The Bubble festival

Today I had an amazing creative time at the preparations for The Bubble Festival. I was with the decoration team and it was really worth my time.

Recently I signed up for the volunteers program for Valletta 2018 Capital of Culture, and every time there is an event they send a link and you can sign up your availability.
Around 2 pm I arrived to Ghain Tuffieha and I got lost a bit finding the right place to be. Close to the Tower on the top of the cliff was a doom structure, but no one was there, on the right I sow a path with a sign “Healing area”. I took that way and it leaded me to the very nice place with awnings, canvases, blankets and tents and some bohemian souls chilling there. I asked them for the directions and they told me which way to go.

On the way I sow many stages getting ready, a few people doing something, creating something,a lots of flowers and trees, palettes, decorations and I immediately felt that’s my tribe 😀 The decoration team was in a place called the basement. Which not in any way was a basement but a room with many textile inside, hand made dream catchers, paper fluorescent decorations, feathers, tribal figures and so and so. Awwwwww!!!! Great, just what I needed.

On the way to the “basement” where the decorations are done.

We create hanging textile decorations that will go near the stages and on the trees. After I did a bit of painting boards and writing signs and directions on them.

The Bubble festival sign

So if you see this signs on the festival know that I took part in it with a great pleasure. I meet nice people and many of them were also volunteers.
I also did the flowers on the Bohemian Markets sign, and the great thing is that I will spend one whole day in the Bohemian Market section during the festival.
The Bubble festival is a festival of light and there will be many interesting and useful things for everyone, and of course, a lot of fun an amazing energy. Know that great people are organizing it and I am sure it is going to be amazing.

Hope to see you there.

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