Conversations with God – Book review

Conversations with God

Conversations with God – Awaken the Species

I got to a moment when I felt my soul poisoned from many toxins produced by the society. The ones that most of us let them ruin our peace and purity, the one that make us lose our muchness. Anger, greed, selfishness and many more. In the years that past the life was pleasant but also hard. I struggle with fitting in and accepting the rude reality without trying to make it better. Oh, what I wouldn’t do for the good of all of us. I am an emotional person and I can easily sympathize with others, so many things can bring pain. As so, along the way I started feeling rotten, something not good for my soul that had to be gone.

Just when I was litterateur asking God for help, he answered. More than once. You feel free to call me crazy, but a wise man once said “follow the signs”. 😀

The biggest sign was finding the book Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. An amazing book, by an amazing author. This is his 4th book called Awaken the species, but there are three more from this series of books. I went to Agenda Book Store to find a good book. Nothing was interesting enough.And as I was almost exiting the store I sow the book on the shelve. That’s it, the title said it all! It also came to my mind that I’ve read somewhere about the book, but I can’t remember where. But here it is.

Conversations with god - Awaken the Species cover book

The book is a dialogue between the author and God. An experience which the author interprets it like that and give us amazing information. Yours is to dive into the new knowledge and awaken!

There are many topic that are discussed about, and there are many new and different points of view. The main topic is about our humanity and if truly our survival is in question. One main question is:

Is the humanity race being offered help by Highly Evolved Beings from Another Dimensions?

The answer is yes, and if you are strongly doubting this, I will give you only one fact. There are 10 billions of trillions (which is 10 with 21 zeros) of stars  in the Universe, which is only 4% from the whole mass of the Universe, the rest is all the mysterious black mass. So you tell me, how come we are the only one? 😀

The other questions are how civilized we are, and how awaken we are, and many aspects of this physical life. What we are and what’s the purpose of this life. I will share some quotes from the book and I highly recommend that you read it.

 You can’t “change things” unless you know what it is you want to change.

Divinity comes in many shapes.

Intention is everything. It sets the energetic signature for events that follow.

If you are saying that from this day forward your intention in everything you think, say and do is to awaken the species – all as part of self-expression that moves forward on your own evolutionary journey – than you are going to see a different level of outcome.  

Let me assure you that you are in physical form now because you choose to be. 

When you have awaken yourself you will know, at last, what your purpose is – what your reason for being alive is what the reason for all of life is. 

Those who have committed to their own full awakening, and helping their dear fellow travelers on the planet do the same, have already self-identified. 

There is only one energy or essence in the cosmos, and that is what you have called, in human language, Love.

Choose to try some new ways of being human. 

That desire that you feel must be the cause of all suffering, and suffering is the cause of all violence. 

But there is more than enough for everyone! With food, water, energy and nearly everything that we need to stay alive, we have a problem of distribution, not a problem of insufficiency. 


Vert interesting!!! You have to give it a chance. Neale Donald Walsch is also a speaker so you can find many videos on Youtube or find more about him on this link. I would definitely go for the other 3 books of Conversations with God. If you have read them feel free to share what was the most inspiring for you.

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  1. Beautiful article! These quotes are very powerful, I am definitely reading this book in my future

    1. Go for it Maddy, you truly have to! Sending you love.

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