Cool Travel Blogs to follow

cool travel blogs to follow road trip

The other day I found some cool travel blogs to follow, and I would really like to share some of them with you. If you do a research, or you simply want to find something connected to traveling, you will see how many travel blogs there actually are. I always find something inspiring and useful. There are many guides,travel tips, new destinations, travel stories and much more. Today I am sharing the three cool travel blogs I discovered, take a look you may find just what you need.

Here are some new cool travel blogs to follow

Road Trip Idea – Here you will find a lot of recommendations and tips on any kind of trips, and everything else connected to traveling. Among their categories you can find trip advises, scenic trips, couple trips and family trips. What I found very inspiring is Top travels and adventures in everyone’s wish list article.

Indian Road Trip – If you are thinking of a road trip in India, this blog may be very useful for your journey. Beside every kind of tips and recommendations about traveling in India, you can use their forum page, and find any additional information. Traveling in India can be one of the most interesting and exiting, it is a huge country that has a lot to offer.

Goa Road Trip – This blog is about traveling and visiting Goa, one of the most popular tourist attractions in India. The blog offers many scenic routes in Goa, which gives an idea about the best places and tells us about other attractions in the area.

All this blogs are about road trips and everything that comes with it. I found them very informative with interesting articles, discovering new travel destinations and tips.

Hope you also find them useful. Feel free to share other travel blogs in the comments.

Thank you for reading my blog.