A day at Azure Window Gozo

Azure Window

Today I will be telling you about the best place there is on Gozo, Azure Window. It is a natural treasure of Gozo and it is one of the biggest tourist attractions. A formation of Maltese limestone and the second oldest rock on the island. The best thing about it is the view which makes you admire the beauty of the Nature.

For everyone that want to visit this place I think one whole day is more than enough, and there are a few things that the visitors can do, and entertain themselves.

Getting to Azure Window

In my kind of visit, the best way of getting to this place would be by bus or by car. It is located on the west side of the island near Dwerja Bay. If you are going by bus, it will take you in about 15 minutes from the capital Victoria. It is the bus 311 that you need. As far as I know, there are also tours by boat that takes you all the way from Malta to Gozo. But I don’t know how they work and what they offer.

Things you can see and do

Arriving at this place also fascinates me, because the deserted area simply looks wonderful and even promising. The first thing you are going to notice is the Dwerja Tower dating from the 1651. The main purpose of it was to guard the bay, but later on, after 1774 it become as a place for guarding the popular Fungus rock.

On the other hand the Fungus Rock is a home to a plant known as Malta Fungus. This plant was used by the Knights, who believed that it can be very healthy. They used it for the wounds and as a cure for dysentery. Today this rock cannot be reached and it is protected by the low.

The Azure Window presents two vertical rocks holding another big rock on top of them. It is very high and it is not recommended to walk on the top of the window, because sooner or later that rock will collapse. But going on the top of it is the best. Over there you are very high, you see all the cliffs on the right side, creating the wonderful high ends of the land. The feeling for me was amazing. Be very careful when walking on the top.

Azure Window 3

Don’t miss the Blue Hole. A naturally created pool, connected with the open sea through underwater channels. This is very good place for divers, or anyone who has snorkels. The underwater life is wonderful. Once you go under the water, it is like discovering a new world.

Blue Hole

Very close is the Inland Sea, created by collapsing of underwater caves. There is a 60 meter tunnel that connects the Inland sea to the open water. It is called the Blue Cave because the water is so uniquely blue. For even better experience of the Azure Window and the Blue Cave there are tours with small boats that take people through the Blue Cave, out to the open Sea. That way you can admire the wonderful caves, and all the limestone formations, the colour of the water and the corals, and seeing the window from the other side. This kind of tours last for 15 minutes and they cost only 4 euros. It is nothing else but worth doing it and it is very fun.

Beside this, there is a restaurant, a church and mini vans that sell different things.

Azure 4

Interesting info

This location is very popular for movie sets. Some of the movies filmed here are: The Clash of Titans, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Odyssey and the very popular Game of Thrones, which I am really glad about.

Azure Window  is definitely a must see thing. I assure you about all the enjoyment and excitement you are going to have. If you like this guide based on my personal travel in Malta read more on The Bohemian Style.