A day in a spa is always a good idea

Spa day
The Pool at Apollo day Spa
The Pool at Apollo day SpaA day in a spa is always a good idea

A day in a spa is always a good idea

So far I have been a few times in a spa facility. Usually it is a present from my lovely boyfriend. Here I will share my experience in Apollo day SPA at Corinthia Hotel St George’s Bay.

I must admit, it is really a place where you can relax and let your thoughts go away.
Getting there is not a problem. Once you reach the hotel and enter the lobby, just go down the stairs, behind the stairs, and then just follow the signs.
The spa is big enough. There is a big swimming pool, which I didn’t chose to enjoy it. Probably because I was alone and I wasn’t feeling comfortable. But never mind. It looked very nice and inviting.
Then comes the reception area, where obviously someone greets you and guide you through. On my first time I had to fill some papers and answer some questions about my health.
After that the masseuse comes and took me to the lovely relaxing room where everything made me fill so calm.
All the ambient, the light, the music, the comfortable bed….
Obviously you have some time to take off your clothes leaving only the panties. 🙂
You put yourself on the bed and wait for your masseuse. Than all the magic begins. That is time only for yourself, time to relax, calm, forget about the problems and simply feel better. I like it because it lasts. It lasts for one hour and it is simply more than enough.
The lady had very gentle arms. Both times, two different ladies, knew what they were doing. I can say it and feel it because I know how to massage. And I know it by myself. My nana always says that it is gift from God. 🙂
When all that finished I really needed time to come to myself, since I was very relaxed and my body was shaking.

20150919_120653The first time I was there I spent three hours in that room (I had a relaxing massage, waxing and facial) and it took me a while to come to myself. I was all shaking. Feeling unstable to walk. I got so relaxed, that my muscles couldn’t carry my body. 🙂
Out of the room I was welcomed with a glass of water dry bananas and some peanuts. Mh,mh, lovely.
You can also use the spa. The first time I couldn’t use it because the spa was under construction,and they gave me a voucher that I was supposed to use it one day. But I didn’t. This time no one offered it the spa facility to me, and I was feeling shy to ask. So I left.20160309_150709
But the feeling was one of the best. After I needed a bed, and nothing else.  There are also Ayurveda massages and treatments, for which I am exited very much.

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