Decorated my mailbox. Why not?

Decorated my mailbox

Why I decorated my mailbox?

When it comes to creativity there is no end, and it goes all the way to the infinity.

I am kind of person that wants to create things. Make them better. Or, as I usually say, create something from nothing. A few weeks ago I send a colored postcard to my friend in Germany, and in return I got such a wonderful bohemian bag, that made me very happy. So, before all of this happened, I had a wish to make that small box look a bit better than it was. It was dusty and it looked awful, as all the other mailboxes of the residents in the building.

Having this idea, I found some flower prints from internet and printed them. And since then, it has been more than a month, and today I finally did it. I cleaned it from all the dust, and I decorated my mailbox. I put the printed flowers, and I added some stickers. It’s nothing special, or artistic, but I find it very cute and it made me happy. It was done in like 10 minutes. That much. 🙂

Now I will be really looking forward on any new mails or whatever. Hope you like it, let me know what you think.

Decorated my mailbox

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