DIY Halloween home decorations

Yesterday I had another day off and I did a Do It Yourself Project. Since it is October, DIY Halloween home decorations was a perfect idea.

Google and Pinterest gave me great ideas, and there were many interesting things. I was looking for decorations that I could make with the things I already have at my home, and believe me everything went simply very cute and fun. Paper crafting is amazing and I really enjoye it. Cooking was not exception, today I also added some cinnamon cookies to my decoration spot.

Here is what I did. DIY Halloween home decorations

Cat Corner Bookmark

cat bookmark Halloween DIY Halloween home decorations
This is the first thing I create and I find it very cute and useful. It was easy to make and it felt like a boost for my creativity. Make this bookmark for the books you read this month. Find how to do it on this link.

For this you will need papers in black, white and pink color. I used colors from a magazine papers. 🙂 So don’t be afraid to experiment. Here is all that I used.

Halloween home decorations bookmark cat
I created the eyes and the ears, the nose and the teeth. You also need scissors and glue and that’s all.

Paper Skeleton Hand

Halloween skeleton paper hand
This thing is so simple and easy and looks really spooky. Just draw the palm of your hand on a white paper and cut the marked lines. After, pinch in the places needed. Take a look at this link for tips.

Napkin ghosts

ghost halloween decoration
I made three of this white ghosts/ They were very easy to make. I used a napkin, sponge, black pen and a sewing tread. I got this inspiration from Marzia.

Paper Pumpkin

paper pumpkin diy halloween
Orange paper pumpkin that is a great touch for my decoration place. I made only one of this, but I may make more to put all around the living room. Take a look on this link for how to make it. I use only scissors to cut the orange paper, and a green present warping tape.

This are all paper creations, nut I added Christmas lights, cinnamon cookies and some red candles. The book is called Piccolo explorers book for Mysteries and is a perfect fit for Halloween. This is the final result.

diy halloween decoration

Have you already thought about Halloween? Give a try to this DIY Halloween Home decorations and make it fun.

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