Dream Big Malta – Motivational Speakers Event

Dream Big Malta

I couldn’t be more happier this morning, and the whole day after. A couple of weeks ago, I fount this even called Dream Big Malta. An event organized by an international Maltese company, on which some successful people will share their stories. As I was craving for some motivational and inspirational events in my life, this sounded like the perfect place to be.

There was also an opportunity for everyone in between the ages of 16 and 30, to apply with his own story, and the winner will get an internship for two months at some of the destinations offered. I did not submitted for the competition, but I was more than happy to be present.

Dream Big Malta

I woke up around 6:00 am. Got ready and at 8:00 I was at The Westin Dragonara Resort. I registered myself and I got a rubber orange bracelet, as everyone else. I entered the meeting hall, and found myself a nice place to sit. Everything looked nice organized. People from different ages were present, not only from 16 to 30. That was the age limit for the competition. Some of them were in a group, some of them were alone like me. 🙂 The hall half full I will say. The back seats were reserved for the press. I fund myself a place a few steps away from the camera.

On the two screens in front were the logos of all the companies supporting The Big Dream Malta Event. Among them there were some well known Maltese companies like: Air Malta, Anchovy, Bata, Corinthia Group, HSBC, E-Cabs, GO, Lombard Bank, Lovin Malta, PWC, The Westin Dragonara Resort, Vodafone and of course EC.

At around 8:30 the event was about to start, and everyone was getting in the hall choosing their place. The welcome speech was made by Andrew Mangion, the executive chairman of EC – English Language Centers. He informed us that this is the first event Dream Big Malta, and that they are looking forward of organizing some more.

In a nutshell, EC is an international language school company, with the wish of motivating others. Their aspiration for this event is to listen stories of people who grew on the island. They hope people get inspired, as I did, to do great things for the country, and themselves.

“Inspiration can come from everywhere” – Andrew Mangion

Than  Vanessa McDonald came in front of us. A Business editor at Times of Malta , a host during the event. And she did very good. But the main event was about the stories of some successful people. I wont be sharing all of their stories, even though all of them were very motivating. I will share most of their quotes and motivational thoughts.

Douglas Barbaro Sant – Businessman, Athlete and a Mountain Climber (Climbed Mount Everest)

“The older we get the comfort zone becomes smaller”

“Enjoy what you do!”

“Those who inspire us are around us, don’t look for them far away”

“You are able to be who you want to be”

He made very nice speech, and his story about climbing Everest was also very interesting. After him there was a panel discussion, and the present guests were able to ask questions over sil.do platform. The first panel was with three, again wonderful stories.

Nathan Farrugia – CEO and Triathlon Sportist who was born with Astma, and succeed of pushing the boundaries

“Life starts out of the comfort zone”

“We are gifted to be able to do things!”

Suzanne Sharp – Designer, owner of the Rug Company. Started with one shop, now she has 25 shops around the world.

 “Care for your costumers”

“You do a lot at the beginning”

“You have to be yourself”

On creativity: “Take rest, once the panic is finished, the creativity comes back”

Joseph Busuttil – Managing Director at Foster Clark Products Ltd.

“When you have a good idea, the finance will come”

Alfred Pisani – Chairman & CEO of Corinthia Group Companies. He had to say a lot. He is kind of person that really wants to create a better world. His speech lasted like for forever. 😀

“You are holding the ability to be better”

“The opportunity I sow was to create something called Corinthia”

“Opportunities never stop happening… Another one will come up”

“Be ready”

“To be successful one must have determination, creativity and unrelenting passion”

At around 11 we had a coffee break. Out of the hall there were different croissants and other pastries, coffee, tea, juices and other drinks waiting for us.

After the break, on the screens they showed us a video speech from the very famous opera singer Joseph Calleja. He said one of my favorite quotes.

“Right people care and they give criticism”

 Brendan Borg, Clint Tabone and James Zammit – Creators of Kwaver, iPhone music application.

“Change the way music is”

The biggest admiration was that this three young people managed to o to Google and made a cooperation with them.

After this was the second panel discussion, which was my favorite part. And here I found my biggest motivation of the day, Olly Mangion. A Paralympian, a 20 years old boy, who was born with disability. He has problem with all his four limbs, but yet he was the most positive person in the hall, I think. He simply made me cry. He has went under more than 60 operations, amputations, fake legs…. He is into sports and he is not giving up. In 4 years he is planning on being in Tokyo for the 2020 Paralympics. He doesn’t like the self-pity, he like Vikings history and he is AMAZING!!! I found this post and I wish you read it.

“When you do succeed, that is the most rewarding experience you will get “

Dream Big Malta - Oliver Mangion
Olly Mangion on the screen

Francis – Architect from Gozo

“Remember where you came from”

At the end Andrew Mangion came again in front of all of us, and then he shared his story.

“There are smart and less smart people”

“Be bold and dare to dream”

“People overestimate what they can do in 90 days, and underestimate what they can do in 10 years”

“Never stop learning”

“It is very important to have the right people on the bus, as is to have the wrong people off the bus”

“Surround yourself with great people”

“Take risks and don’t be afraid to fail”

“Love what you do”

“Begin your adventure!”

Dream Big Malta was a wonderful experience for me. And i think there should be more events like this. At the end we all got a few presents from the companies that made Dream Big Malta possible. I got so much motivation that I am willing to say the best of The Bohemian Style is yet to come.

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