Fall boho look for 2016 – Get ready

Fall boho look

It is nothing else, but truth, that fashion can take us back to past eras. So, is the boho trend of the fall 2016, promising the same. In this post you will find an advice on what to expect this fall, and what  to choose in your wardrobe for the best fall boho look.

 Fall boho look

A very big influence comes from the hippy free love of 1960’s and the free flowing boho chic style. Don’t forget about the naughty and the moments of Victorian style influence. On the side of colours there is a khaki colour, a light shade of yellow and brown. As an adding on the accessories comes the Light Topaz, and the Cristal Golden Honey colour will be also in trend. The Blue Velvet is making a comeback, and most probably there will be a lot of  long flowy Blue Velvet dresses, inspired by 70’s.  The flower prints will also be a choice to make.

The designers around the world are adding series of creative products, that will inspire people in different ways. Don’t forget that Boho Chic is a style of artists and other creative people. It is not easy to define it simply, but it is about taking some simple piece of fashion, adding your own touches, making it special on your own way. Once again, a bohemian person is a piece of art by itself, so be the best you can. <3

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Boho ladies, I enjoyed writing this post and choosing which photos to share. If you have any boho look suggestions please share them with me and all who are reading this blog. I love you <3

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