Frida Kahlo Quotes – The greatest Mexican artist

Frida Kahlo Quotes

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter, probably one of the greatest artists, who painted self portraits. She had a though life, and through her artistic soul she expressed her reality in a very interesting and surreal way.  She was inspired by Mexican popular culture, she liked the native folk art style, and she explored questions of identity, postcolonialisam, gender, class and race in the society. She is considered as a bohemian person with all that she was and with her flamboyant and full of flowers style.

Here are some Frida Kahlo Quotes

Feet what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?

The most important part of the body i s the brain, of my face I like the eyebrows and the eyes. Aside from that I like nothing. My head is too small.

They thought that I was a surrealist, but I wasn’t. I never painted dreams, I painted only my reality.

To paint is the most terrific thing to do, but to do it well is very difficult.

At the end of the day we can endure much more than we think.

I love you more than my own skin and even though you don’t love me the same day you love me anyways, don’t you? And if you don’t, I’ll always have the hope that you do, and I’m satisfied with that. Love me a little. I adore you.

I hope the exit is joyful, and I hope never to return.

Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away.

Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself, to be light. Tragedy is the most ridiculous thing.

They are so damn “intellectual” and rotten that I can’t stand them anymore. I would rather sit on the floor in the market of Toluca and sell tortillas, than have anything to do with those “artistic” bitches of Paris.

I want to be inside your darkest everything.

The most important thing for everyone in Gringolanda is to have ambition and become “somebody”, and frankly, I don’t have the least ambition to become anybody.

You deserve the best, the very best, because you are one of the few people in this lousy world who are honest to themselves, and that is the only thing that really counts.

There is nothing more precious than laughter.

I paint flowers so they don’t die.

The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration.

I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you.

My painting carries with it the message of pain.

Pain, pleasure and death are no more than a process for existence. The revolutionary struggle in this process is a doorway open to intelligence.

It was worthwhile to come here only to see why Europe is rotting, why all this people – good for nothing – are the cause of all the Hitlers and Mussolinis.

Frida left a great mark for the Mexican art and culture. Her story is one of those which inspire. Take a look at her paintings, and also take a look at the movie called Frida. Hope you find this quotes inspirational.

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