The Funky Monkey place to be

Hello Funky Monkey

A few days ago I was afternoon shift at my work, starting at 4 pm, and we, me and Bojan, had enough time to do things around home, and after to go for an afternoon drink with our friends. He made me rush a bit, but I managed to go out of home satisfied by my boho look. 🙂 I do enjoy doing it lately and making it boho as much as I can.

We met our neighbour friends, who are having the baby Luna, and we headed ourselves towards Sliema’s seafront.  We often spend our free time by the sea, getting some sunshine and getting high. But, having Luna with us, we really had to consider a bit where we can grab that drink, enjoy the sun, but yet being in the shadows, and being relaxed in the way we wanted to be.

I was thinking where can we go, but I couldn’t think of a place, because all the bars or restaurants starting from Gzira towards Sliema, are near the road, with tables on the pavement and no privacy at all. Than Boki, out of nowhere, recommended that we go on Manoel Island at The Funky Monkey. He was there the day before, with a colleague of his.

I had never heard about it before, but we all agreed to go. At the moment, there is a Luna Park, and we had to pass it, go behind the marked border of the park, and then reaching The Funky Monkey. I wasn’t sure where were we going, but my lovely boyfriend asked of us not to expect anything, since it is nothing fancy but rather unique on its own way.

At The Funky Monkey

I had the pleasure to enter first. I didn’t look around, probably because I was embarrassed a bit, I’ve just noticed a bar on the right side, and strait was the outdoor complex of the bar. The simple furnished terrace, had my attention. On the, kind of hidden, terrace there were umbrellas and plastic chairs and tables, there was furniture made of pallets, two sets of tables and pallet sofas, BBQ, flowers, and flower bowls, placed upside down, with a hole on the top, which were used as an ashtray. Everything was so, so, so simple, even very casual, but so unique, giving privacy, and a promising enjoying and relaxing time.


Described like “Not fancy, but old-school; One plastic and one wooden chair; with reggae parties that can be so good”


We took a table in the middle, and we didn’t expect someone to help us. At place like that it was obvious that you can feel free to do it, and move it wherever you want. Near the wooden pallets there was a boy seating on the floor, doing his thing. At the beginning, I think everyone was looking weird at us, thinking that we’ve mistaken the place, and that we are not for there. I mean, this is the impression others had, I didn’t pay much attention to the employee. I didn’t new which one is a worker from the bar which one is just a maintenance. There were just a few people, most of them were inside, and there was one man repairing something in the ladies toilet.

The toilet, on the other side, was one of the most interesting things I sow over there. 😀 It was wooden construction, on the outside terrace, and the inside walls of the male toilet were all covered with photos of monkeys. You can check it on the photo.

Interior Design at The Funky Monkey
Interior Design at The Funky Monkey

We took some beer and a juice. I sow a menu on the wall, and I paid an attention that the beer was around 2 or 3 euros, and the cocktails around 5 or 6 euros. Fair enough. We enjoyed, everything was so relaxed, it was a reggae bar, and the soundtrack was also very good for my ears. After a while, another group of people come. They also had a baby with them, so I said: ok, this is a baby place also! 🙂

I had to go very soon from there, but I enjoyed it and I think that is the place I want to hang on more often. On my way out, the lovely lady that worked behind the bar, gave me the most wonderful smile as I haven’t seen in a while. I wanted to kiss her. 😀

I checked on the internet what I can find about The Funky Monkey, There is a reggae party coming soon, a Selections for Freedom Fighter is the name. So, if you are for some reggae vibes with some BBQ on the 17th of June, this is where you are headed to.

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