The Hidden History of Humanity and Cosmos Stories – Movie and TV Series to watch

Movie and Tv Series

A New Year has arrived, so I think this is a great opportunity for some new things to recommend. Since it is all about the new beginnings now I think I have the perfect movies for you to watch. I have always wanted to know the history since the beginning of the time. That thing is of course impossible, but I found great movies that gave me such a great image about the whole history of the Universe and the Humanity. I am sharing with you a new documentary movie I discovered, and a new TV serial.

The Hidden History of Humanity – Documantary

This documentary movie is based on the Secret Doctrine, and the knowledge about some ancient worlds and civilizations that once lived on this planet. I must admit for me it finally makes sense. This move gave  a complete picture, in it’s own way, of everything that eventually happened. many things and stories we take them as myths and legends. But where do they come from??? This movie lasts for more than two hours and a half, but I didn’t blink with my eyes. I even had a notebook next to me so I write down some things and Google them after. So, I make the things more clear. Some thing’s are hard to boil.  It tells more than only the history of our Humanity, you must give it a try. You can find it on Youtube.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odysseys  – Tv Mini Series

An amazing TV series that can be found on Youtube and NetFlix. Different topics, create this great 13 episodes documentary TV series, that is for everybody to watch, and enrich the knowledge about our Universe, everything that exists, and us as humans. It is presented by Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist, author and science communicator, and he does a wonderful job. The TV Series have a stunning and emotional introduction, that will make you aware of the long history and the time that passed before we even get to this point of our lives. I shared it with some friends, some of them are even afraid to know all of this facts. But for me it is the best it could be. It gives me such a great idea and understanding of everything around. It gives me a better understanding for myself. I highly recommend it to every human being to watch.

Have you seen any of this movies? I am really willing to read about your opinion on this, and you are more than welcome to share any other Movie and TV Series you have on your mind. Than you for stoping by, and read more on The Bohemian Style.

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