Home beauty products

Home beauty products

Health is important and I like taking care of myself, and that’s why I share with you my home beauty products. Sometimes I can go so much into details, that I would like to fix every simple imperfection I see on myself. I am aware that there are many things of my lifestyle that I would like to change, and make new habits and live much healthier lifestyle. Well, if you ask me I would like to reach a 100. 😀

Working night shift is not so easy. I work in an iGaming company as an online game presenter (dealer). My night shift end at 6 am. I am in bed by 7. Most of the time I wake up between 1 pm of 2 pm. So that gives me around 8 hours sleep, which according to the studies is perfect.

For breakfast I had a nice sandwich with eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese together with some Greek Yogurt. Mmmm, I like yogurt first thing in the morning.


The day wouldn’t go without a dose of relaxation. I felt like laying in my bed and reading something interesting and useful for me. I read some posts from Marzia, youtuber and blogger, and a great inspiration of mine. She is an amazing person and has a great mission.

I took a shower to refresh, and took care of my beauty. Some basic and quick things I almost do every day.

For my teeth I use a homemade tooth paste. I

don’t use it every day but once or twice a week should be fine because it has a backing soda and it can destroy the teeth if you use it often. You can make this paste at home using less than a spoon of baking soda, coconut oil and a bit of lemon juice. Mix and create the paste. This helps in whitening your teeth and fight the bacteria.


I cleaned my face with my Tropicana soap. It cleans all the dead cells from my face. After that I like to put Rose Water, because it hydrates my face skin and it smells so good. I am in love with it, and I definitely want to use more of it. The one that I have is from Steenbergs Organics, 100 ml Rose water bottle. Check their site, they really have great organic products. When that is all dry, I put a mixture of oils  from Bali, which a friend of mine give it to me. I am not sure which oils it has, but there is avocado for sure, alternatively I can put pure organic coconut oil.

For my full body I use the coconut oil. I know it has a lot of benefits, but it also feels and smells very good. Currently I have a coconut oil from Rinatura. Ahh, it is amazing!!!

For my lips I use Vaseline with cocoa butter, and this one I also use for my feet.

Regarding my hair, I am still finding what are the perfect products. The shampoo that I am currently using is from apple and Aloe Vera. It is just ok. I also use a conditioner, but a definitely need something for a bigger volume. DO you have anything to recommend? What is the best product for dyed hair? Today at the ends of my hair I put an Argan oil, a hair product from Balea.

Well, I thing that is it for now. As I am writing this I am having a glass of cocoa drink. It is good for the Iron in the blood. Everything for the health. Cheers. Which are your favorite home beauty products?

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Love you