Horror stories for this Halloween

horror stories halloween

Halloween is around the corner, and this days I decided to entertain myself with some horror stories. I like getting exited from a spooky things, so I choose a book, I watched a horror movie and I started a new horror TV serial from Netflix.

Horror stories

Devious. Book

horror stories book halloween the bohemian style

A number one best selling author in New York Times, Lisa Jackson, give us an interesting romantic thriller, with a lot of spooky and mysterious moments. The story takes place in a holly place, a church, which becomes a playground for a mysterious killer. The first crime is the murder of a nun by the name of Camille, who happens to be an ex girlfriend to one of the investigators, Montoya. I’ve read only a few chapters, and to be honest I am getting lost a bit in the book, because it is presenting parallel stories, from past to the present, and different characters are speaking. Also, there are a lot of new words for me, which is great, I will get to enrich my vocabulary and enjoy this mysterious novel. Have you read the book? What do you have to say about it, or do you have any other horror book to offer?

Bag of bones. TV Serial

Horror stories halloween tv serial movie book

Very good horror TV Serial made by the novel of Stephen King. I watched only the first part on Netflix, but I am definitely going to go with this one because it has only two parts and it really kept me interested. The story is about a well known writer, Mike Noonan, whose wife dies hit by a bus. After his biggest muse is gone, hi begins having a nightmares and got contacted  by a ghostly presence. The serial has mysterious and spooky scenes with a great effects. So when watching don’t forget to turn the volume on.

Gerald’s Game. Movie 


In this horror movie by NetFlix, which is based on a novel by Stephen King, a couple goes in their villa in the woods to spice up their relationship. After being handcuffed on the bed, and her husband dies by a heart attack, by taking a Viagra, Jessie has to confront her biggest inner fears. She will be guided by her fears and survival instinct, and a lot of bloody things will happens. This is an interesting story about the games of the mind and I really recommend it.

How are you going to spice up this Halloween? If you have any horror stories to recommend for reading of watching, you are very welcome to share them in the comments.

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