Last month in Malta

Last month in Malta

There is only one month left until we leave Malta. Well, here is a thing, we are moving to Prague. 😀 And you have no idea about the kind of feelings it brings. New begging, totally new environment and culture, new people, everything unknown. I like changes, I don’t mind at all. That makes me happy. But I will be telling you more about that when the time comes. In this post I just want to share what are my plans for the last month in Malta.

Update (We stayed only one month in Prague, since the things were not as promised. We had two week trip to London, and came back to Malta!)

Last month in Malta

I am leaving the island, but there are still many things that I didn’t see or did. There are some places that I really want to visit. Luckily, since the beginning of this month I have visited two places that were on my list for a long time. I went on a tour around Casa Rocca Piccola, a 16th century palace from a noble Maltese family, and  St John Co-Cathedral, the gem of baroque design. I enjoyed both places, and there are some more:

  1. St Anton Garden – It is in Attard, a city in Malta, and as far as I know it is a wonderful garden. I newer had the opportunity to see it. So I really think it is a must do thing before I go.
  2. Tour around Manoel Theatre – The third oldest theatre in Europe.
  3. Visit a temple – There are many temples on the islands of Malta, and they date from a thousands of years ago. I would really like to visit any tample, but I am not sure that this is going to happen. Fingers crossed.

This are the places I hope I visit before we move. Probably something unexpectedly will come up, and I hope it will be worth sharing. Among the things that I would also like to do are:

  1.  A night in a casino – I like the idea of having fun that way, and who knows we might get lucky. 😉 I would like to go to Westin Dragonara.
  2. Say “bye” to the sea – there will be one last day on the beach to say “bye” to the Mediterranean.
  3. A dinner at Gululu – The best Maltese restaurant at Spinola Bay in St Julians.
  4. Make some more photographs of this marvelous island 
  5. Write some more posts about Malta
  6. Buy presents – I can not go home with empty hands 😀
  7. ENJOY

Among this things,I also have to go too work. My last day will be on 13 th of November. I think I’ve never told you that my full time job is a receptionist. 🙂 In the mean time, I will also have to pack. That thing will be a challenge! But I don’t doubt in my organization skills. Than on 15th me and my boyfriend are flying to Sofia, and from there to Macedonia. Two weeks with the family and friends, and on the 1st of December my feet will step in the Kingdom of Bohemia. <3

I am glad that I am very calm and I hope that I won’t start panicking two days before the flight. 🙂

Update (A lot of thing happened, and it was a tough experience. Bet I found the answer, that Malta is the place to be! <3)

If anyone has any kind of recommendation, is welcome. Check The Bohemian Style later on for the stories that follow.

T-shirt: Bershka. Jeans & Shoes: Jennifer
T-shirt: Bershka. Jeans & Shoes: Jennyfer