Liebster Award 2017 – Blog Nomination

Liebster Award 2017

I feel very happy and glad about my blog being nominated for Liebster Award 2017. My blog was nominated by Hot Foot Trini, a travel blog by Trinidadian/Caribbean girl, and Four on a World Trip, a travel blog full of family stories. Liebster Award, is kind of award that exists on internet among the bloggers, and it is given to bloggers by other bloggers. This gives the new bloggers the exposure they need, and creates backlinks to their blog. To find more about the Liebster Award read the official rules.

Liebster Award 2017

Here are the answers of the questions I got from Hot Foot Trini.

1. What was your longest travel journey abroad?

The longest that I’ve been abroad were the 20 months spent in Malta. Over there, beside living and working,I did explore the country as much as I could, and there are still many places to be seen. Even though it is a very small country, an archipelago of three islands, it has many places attractive for travelers from every corner of the world. Malta has a rich history, it has a wonderful Mediterranean clime and is an interesting place to be.

2. What was your shortest travel journey abroad?

My shortest travel journey abroad, was the one to Sofia, Bulgaria. It was last November, while I was in Macedonia, and I had to go to Sofia for a couple of hours. Since I live in Shtip, which is in east Macedonia and is close to the border, reaching Sofia with a car doesn’t take much. I had a ride around the city, visited an institution and had a free time in a mall. In the afternoon around 6 pm, I was back in Shtip.

3. Describe your worst stopover. 

I really can not recall of any.

4. Describe your best stopover.

My best stop over was in Istanbul, on my way back from Qatar to Macedonia in 2013. I lived and worked in Qatar for only three months. I used only my probation period, and than decided to go back home. It was my second time flying with plane and I was alone, but that was not a problem, I was actually very exited. The interesting thing that happened was that the plane from Doha was delayed, so I missed the flight from Istanbul to Skopje. I knew it was the flight company’s fault and that there is an alternative, but still didn’t know what should I do. I just followed the crowd of people and I reached to a desk surrounded by every kind of people. Every one was complaining, some of them were even crying and there was a lot of pressure from the people around. For some reason that day there were many flight delays from Turkish Airlines.

As I was standing in the crowd I sow a young man holding ticked to Skopje. I started a conversation with him. He was traveling with his friend and they missed the same flight as I. They told me that the next flight to Skopje is in 12 hours, but because that was company’s fault we were offered to rest in a hotel. I was very happy that I don’t have to wait at the airport. The unexpected stopover offered me even a short walk around the area of the hotel, which I have no idea which part of Istanbul it was. The rest in the hotel was nice, and there was a lunch included. I meet some people and we had a nice chat. Around 7 pm a mini bus picked us up and took us back to the airport.

5. How much was your cheapest flight ever?

My cheapest flight was the one from Bergamo, Italy to Malta. The ticket was 24 euros with Ryanair plane. They really have some cheap flights offered on their site.

6. Describe your worst flight ever?

The worst flight ever was the one from Malta to Macedonia last November. The night before the flight we realized that our flight is not in the evening, but in the morning. I wasn’t fully packed, and Bojan still had to go in the bank to withdraw his money and close the bank account. Such a disappointment came to us. It was very irresponsible from our side, and i still don’t know how that could have happened. The only option we had was that I go with the flight in the morning and he book another one for four days after. We really wished it to happen as we firstly planned, and this made everything like hell. I didn’t sleep at all. I wen’t to the airport by myself, broken and not feeling well at all.To make the things even tragically, my baggage was exceeding 10 kg more, and I was not allowed to pay fees. So I had to throw away 10 kg off my things. I already left so much in the apartment, but no, it was not enough. So here I am in the middle of the airport, choosing what I need and what I don’t. I wrapped everything in a beach towel and gave it to the cleaners at the airport. I have no idea what they did with my things, but I really hope they didn’t finished in the trash. During the flight I was all alone on the seats, and I had a lot of time to think. Everything was very stressful, and up in the sky, above the clouds, admiring the sun made me feel so… tinny and small. After the flight I still had to find out how to get to Shtip. I didn’t have time to organize anything during the night, but I knew there will be a bus at least to Skopje. I just had to wait 5 more hours.

7. Describe your best flight ever.

My best flight was my first flight. It was a flight from Skopje to Istanbul on the way to Qatar. We flew with Turkish Airlines. It wasn’t anything special, but I was traveling with eight girls, I was going to a new unfamiliar world and it was the first time I am flying with a plane. So it was pity much exiting for me.

8. Who is your best layover buddy?

My dear friend Letizija. We have had many travels together and we like to visit each other hear and there.

9. Describe your best experience with immigration/border control in a foreign country.

Entering UK border with my Maltese Residence Card of a family member of an EU citizen. That card gives me the freedom of movement, and even though I am with Macedonian passport, I don’t need visa for entering UK. The police officer was not informed at first, and claimed that I don’t have a valid document to enter the country. But, I was so sure about my rights and I knew I would pass the border. He went in the back office for a while, and came back informing us that we can pass.

10. Describe your worst experience with immigration/border control in a foreign country.

When me and my boyfriend moved to Malta for the first time, we flew from Skopje to Bergamo, from Bergamo to Malta. I was a bit scared because we had one way tickets, and for me being a third world citizen was a bit risky not having a return ticket. Back than I had only my Macedonian passport.

It was a bit stressful, because they took our friend in the office, and I was just after her. By boyfriend being an EU citizen passed without a problem, but I was questioned where am I going, who am I visiting,and who am I traveling with. They even asked of me to show them my money, and finally they let me pass.

11. How many flights have you missed?

None,yet. 🙂

My answers are done, and the nominations continue. I nominate Maliblue my mind (I still have to find other bloggers, everyone is welcome). I ask of them to answer my questions:

  1. What is your favorite country you have visited, and what was so special about it?
  2. What was the most weirdest thing you’ve seen traveling around the world?
  3. What was the most beautiful island you have ever been?
  4. What is your best travel adventure so far?
  5. Where have you seen the most beautiful nature scenery?
  6. How do you imagine your perfect trip?
  7. What are your five must see places in the world?
  8. What is the best experience you have gained traveling?
  9.  What was your hardest time while traveling abroad?
  10. What are the five things you will always take with you, while traveling to other country?
  11. What is your travel advise?

I would really like to see your answers. Thank you for your time. <3

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