Malta activities I did? The things I enjoyed.

Malta activities

I’ve been living in Malta for 20 months already, and a satisfied smile comes to my face when I think of it. It was such a wonderful experience. I’ve learned many new and different things. I explored as much as I can, and I really enjoyed. Obviously there were though periods. Me and my boyfriend started from totally new beginning, and I am proud of where we are now. I would really like to share with you what were the Malta activities I did, and the way I enjoyed here.

Malta activities

I become a sushi addict

Something like four days after I arrived to Malta, I found a job in a sushi shop. It was very new take-away shop in Valletta, and I was happy to be there. Obviously I ate sushi like crazy, and it was never enough. We used to sell mixed boxes of sushi, with different kinds of rolls. Salmon, prawns, tuna, rice,spices….It really is an art in a bite.

Malta Activities
This is Crunch Munch Roll – chicken sushi roll

I had the opportunity to try sushi from different places, and the best one is definitely from Zen-Sushi. They have restaurants at Sky Park near the airport, at Portomaso in St Julian and some other places. Than Sako Sushi has interesting serving, you can choose a pate from the conveyor belt, or you can order and admire watching your food getting ready. I also have to mention Med Asia Lounge. They have not only sushi, but also many other Asian and Mediterranean specialties.

I explored the countryside of Malta

At the first couple of months I managed to do two long walks exploring the countryside of the island. I found some route maps for developing rural Malta, and the experience was wonderful. The first walk I did was from Marsaskala to Marsaxlokk. I was by myself and it was a wonderful adventurous opportunity I had. It took me around 4 hours. On those maps everything is explained, where to walk, what to see, what to be careful of and so. The second time I was with my friend Olga, and this was a hell of adventure.

Maltese Countryside

We went to Mdina, from Mdina to Dingli, from Dingli to Bahria, from Bahria to Mgarr, from Mgarr to Ghajn Tuffieha, and than finally back home. This took us around 6 hours, mostly walking and a little bus transport included. We climbed rocks, we were chased by dogs, we got a bit lost, and we enjoyed the most. I like Maltese countryside, you can always find something interesting on the road. In this country you won’t find much trees and green areas, but than there are the cliffs, Mediterranean fields and cactus, colorful flowers, beaches and the wonderful blue sea.

Boat day by the cliffs

The owners of the sushi shop where I used to work invited me and my boyfriend on a boat day on the south of the island. They picked us up from Birzebugga and than we went by the cliffs near St Peters Pool. It was a long day on the sea, and it was interesting because there were many boats in that part all gathered in a groups. Ours was the biggest one.

On the way there we stopped in Marsaxlokk to put some fuel in the boat, it was educative thing form me. I had an intro into water transport activities. We had a lunch on the boat, we went snorkeling, we made BBQ, and all in all it was good day. I also had the opportunity to see a luxurious yacht, and it was something amazing. You can literally live there for a period of time and travel the world, but you will need a lot of money. 😀

Meet people from different parts of the world

Here you can find people from almost everywhere. I think is better if I count the countries I haven’t meet people from. I can recognize accents, I’ve noticed even the differences between some nations. We are all people, but yet we are very different. For the Italians it is very hard to speak English, and it looks like they don’t want to speak even when they know the language. The Chinese and Japanese people are very interesting and weird. The expression of their emotions is very fun, they look like they are extra exited about everything. I admire the accent of the Scandinavian people and their common sense. You always learn something new, and I enjoy hearing stories from people around the world.

I got intro into yoga and meditation

Over here you will find a lot of yoga instructors and meditation teachers. There are many classes and courses organized. Regarding yoga, I mostly did it by myself, but than the best was the morning yoga, a guided class I had recently. For the meditation I had a few group sessions, and twice a Chakra opening sessions with Mindo, which were amazing. I also meditate at home before sleeping, or sometimes I listen to a guided meditation from YouTube. This things affect me very well, and you only have to try it in a way to understand it. I wish meditation and yoga to become my every day habits, but step by step.

Spectacular rising and setting of the sun

To admire a spectacular sunset, visit Dingli Cliffs.
To admire a spectacular sunset, visit Dingli Cliffs.

To be hones, lately I don’t have the opportunity to enjoy this two things. That made me forget the beauty of it. This summer I went to Marsalforn with my friends for a night in Gozo. I woke up around 5:30 am and I immediately checked when is the sun rising. That day it was rising at 5:45. I put mu clothes on and ran out of the room to find the perfect spot to admire the beginning of the new day. I went on the highest point I can find, and believe me it was truly amazing. There were some cloud making the sunlight so spectacular, it was like a unique event of the nature. It made me realize how we often forget abut the real things that matter!

On the other hand, the best sunset that I was enjoying, was the sunset at Dingli Cliffs. Like the sky was burning, and there were so strong and different colors. It was so quite and calm, and yet so powerful. If you have the opportunity, go!

The love for photography was born here

My baby <3
My baby <3

Over here I realized how much I like taking photographs and creating photographs. This is my biggest passion together with the blogging. I bought a camera recently and I am very proud of. I got Canon EOS 1200D, and I am in love with it. My friends from London also brought me a complete 20 weeks course about Digital Photography. It is actually a book for beginners and it is very useful. I started reading it, but I will have to organize myself and find the time to take the course seriously.

Days by the beach

This is the most obvious thing from the Malta activities we were doing, and everyone else. Since this is a country made of three islands, there are many beaches that you can spend the day. I must be honest and tell you that I was never fascinated by the Maltese beaches. In the central area most of them are rocky, and than you have to travel to the other parts of the island, and that takes time. But we did enjoyed St Peter’s Pool, Ghajn Tuffieha, Azure Window, the beach near Tigne Point, the blue Lagoon, and much more.

Days by the beach

Visiting historical and cultural sights

Malta has a rich history and the people respect that. There are many museums, palaces and other historical and cultural treasures open to the public. I don’t have to tell you much about, except that the capital Valletta is under UNESCO protection, and it is going to be the European Capital of Culture in 2018. Beside Valletta there are many other places offering a piece from the history, fests, celebration of holidays and many other cultural events.

Party, party, party

People here do enjoy and yo can always find a place and a moment for party and everything else that comes with it. Our favorite place for partying in our way is Playground in Paceville, St Julians, and every other place on the island. 😀


This are some of the Malta activities I did and enjoyed. Obviously there are much more things I’ve learned and experienced, and there are many memories I am taking with me. So far Malta was treating me well, and I am happy for spending 21 months on this marvelous islands. The Bohemian Style of mine was founded here, read more of what follows.

With much love.

Boho Slage <3