Malta Comic Con 2017

Malta Comic Con 2017

Malta Comic Con 2017 was an event that took place last weekend in Mediterranean Conference Center in Valletta. It was an amazing event with many artists designs and creations of people included. I was lucky enough to be part of the event by volunteering for Valletta 2018 program. We had our own stand, for promoting the events taking place next year. I hope you all know that Valletta is a European Capital of Culture for 2018. There are many events already taking place, and I am glad I have the opportunity to be part of them.

Malta Comic Con 2017 Event

I was at the Mediterranean Conference Center at 10:30. Everyone was getting ready at that moment. There were a lot of people and a lot of stands. I found the stand of Valletta 2018 and I was handing the promotional material to the visitor.I was promoting mainly¬†Corto Maltese’s “La Ballata del Mare Salato”, a newly written opera taking place in Teatru Manoel in September 2018, and many other events. I will recommend that you download the mobile application¬†and stay updated about all the events taking place.I meet a lot of people and admired their work. There were so many creations and I must be honest, they made me happy and brought joy to my soul. The ambient was very friendly and people were having fun. There were a lot of interesting things for everyone. There were writers and artists who worked on many popular characters for many comic publishers. I even got some presents and enjoyed the Malt Comic Con 2017 event. There were also a lot of heroes costumes, so that added a wonderful spice to everything.

I will share some of the pictures I took, and through them I’ ll give you even better insight of what was going on around. Enjoy it!

Comic Con Malta 2017


I honestly hope you have visited any other event like this, if not, know that it is highly recommend. Find more about my adventures on The Bohemian Style.