Malta through my looking glass

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The first time I’ve ever heard about Malta was from the Eurovision Song Contest many years ago. I didn’t have any idea where it was or how it looks.

That was the summer of 2014, a very close friend of mine went for a summer job on this island and she stayed for a couple of months. Luckily, she is one of my best friends and we have been through many things together and she invited me to come to Malta. But before everything else, there is a thing I would really like to explain to all of you.

The view to The Three Cities
The view to The Three Cities

You see, in the country where I come from, Macedonia, live people who are simply surviving month by month. The average salary is around 250 euros, and whit those money we cannot afford to travel a lot and choose where we like to live, if you do want to live abroad. Over there most of the young people are trying to find a way, to literally, get away from the “misery” and fight for better life. The sad truth!!!

In my case, Malta was the easiest and most secure option we had, me and my lovely boyfriend. We arrived on Malta on 7th of February 2015.

The view of Sliema from Valletta
The view of Sliema from Valletta

Welcome to Malta

I must admit that I was not surprised, nor I was impressed. I even though how I would have never given money for a holiday in Malta. But, now I do regret that saying of mine.So let me tell you a bit about Malta. It is wonderful, maybe not as the most wonderful places on the Earth, but it is a SMALL PARADISE that accepts you. It is a small place with a lot of people, and always something going on. A country consisted of three islands: Malta, Comino and Gozo. Malta is the main island, Comino is an uninhabited, but has the amazing Blue Lagoon, and Gozo is another interesting story.

The life here is pretty much easy. You work, you get paid, you can afford things to buy and you can also save. (Update: I left the island for two months, I went to Macedonia, Prague and London. This journey gave me the answer I was craving for. I finally found where I want to be, and it was Malta. I am very happy to be here, and I don’t want to leave. )

The style

From looking around, the first thing that I’ve noticed  was that it is all white and yellow, which reminded me of Qatar, some kind of an Arabic style. Their language belongs in the Arabic group of languages, it is hard language and it’s funny.

Maltese architecture on Balluta Bay
Maltese architecture on Balluta Bay

The architecture is simply amazing. According to me that is one of the best things this island has. The baroque style is dominant and there is a lot of influence by Victorian era. That is really one of the things I do enjoy a lot.

Malta has enough to offer, there are many placed you can visit, including bars, restaurants, museums, historical sides, and natural treasures. But yet when it comes to the nature, I do miss a lot of things. 🙁 I miss threes, can you believe that? I miss mountains and I miss a place to get lost. Sure there is some, but it must be far from the central area where I live. (Update: It is very green during the winter and Spring, its actually very green. I also have to check the Buskett Gardens). See how Ramla Bay looks in January. Lovely, isn’t it?!

Most of the things are situated in the central area including Valletta, Sliema, St. Julians, and the Three Cities. So if you live in this part many thing will be close to you. The public transport works very well, but yet there are a lot of cars. I’ve heard that every family has minimum two-three cars, that’s why there is a lot of traffic sometimes, especially when it rains, don’t ask why, I don’t know the reason for that, but on the rainy days don’t take your car out.

The People

The people are nice and polite, and they are happy people. All in all, there are around 450 000 Maltese living on the two islands Gozo and Malta. They celebrate their life, they are very religious and they want appreciate their OFF days. There is a lot of influence from Italy and Sicily. It can be noticed in the language and most of all in the traditional cuisine. They love to eat. 😀 There is also the English influence, which is obvious because Malta was part of the British Empire for many years.

There is much more that you can find about Malta, and many other of my stories on The Bohemian Style.