Malta. By the sea – My video


Lately I am following some YouTube stars, which are really motivating me and inspire me to start making videos. A few days ago I had a day off and I spend my evening trying to make something from the videos I’ve already done. I chose all of those made by the sea. Malta is really wonderful, and it offers a beauty, typical for the Mediterranean islands.

Malta. By the sea

I know that the video I made is unprofessional, but I am glad I did it. I used windows Movie Maker, some trial version. I have no idea what is the best program, and I still have a lot  to learn if I really want to do this. 🙂 But anyway, I am sharing it with you. Please take a look at my creation and the beauty of Malta by the sea.

I will tell you immediately that Malta doesn’t have amazing beaches. There are some sandy beaches, but nothing that will take your breath away. But it has the cliffs and many rocky places, which in their own way offer something to admire to. On Blue Grotto, Blue Lagoon and Azure Window you can find a boats that take you around the cliffs and the cave systems around the places. That really is an amazing experience. I remember I was happy as a child. You get to see the turquoise and clean water, with all the colorful corals. Standing on the top of the cliff can offer another enjoyable feelings. Nothing else comes to your mind, except the realization of the Nature perfection.

The shots are taken on Blue Grotto, cliffs on the south in between Marsaskala and Marsaxlokk, Blue Lagoon in Comino, and Azure Window in Gozo.

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