That Morning Booster Event pumped us well!

Morning Booster Event

It has been almost a week from that Morning Booster Event. I’ve been so pumped, that I felt like I didn’t stop in the days that followed. 🙂 Let’s begin and read my story.

It happened that my friends from London arrived like 5 hours before the event. Obviously we didn’t sleep. We were so tired, but yet we managed to go. It was simply because I was officially invited. The event was like the one we have never been together to and I really believed it is worth being there.My friends were also willing to be there, except one of them, but she came anyway.

At around 4:30 am we left my home, and we walked all the way to Spinola Bay. It was still dark. But once we found Tigullio we realized that there were, surprisingly, many people. People in need of a different start of the morning.

Morning Booster Event

The members of the ANCOVY. team were there to welcome us. We got inside, and everyone was preparing for one hour of yoga. It was very dark, with some lights around and everyone got from those fluorescent light bracelets. It really was a morning party. All the dance floor was occupied from the people,but everyone did manage to find a spot for their mattress and follow the yoga instructor.




Me and Angela did a bit of yoga, the other were waiting for the other part of the party. The yoga session lasted for like an hour. I did some of the yoga poses, and they were more than welcomed since I hadn’t slept from 12 in the afternoon the day before. Luckily, as I was expecting, I felt much better after, and a bit energized. After that I used the opportunity to take some photos and see what’s going on around.


Dr Juice on The Morning Booster Event


After the yoga session there were some breakfast snacks, fruits and healthy drinks from Dr. Juice. Everyone was willing to try them, and they were very delicious indeed. People were active. Not to speak about the morning party with DJ Tiffany. I was pleasantly surprised  from all the people dancing and doing some exercise around. The energy was good, everyone looked cheered up and in the mood for what was going around.


We didn’t stay much at the morning booster event. As I said I was not alone and not everyone was in the mood for this. The reason was that we were so tired and there were many other things to be done at 6:30 am. 😀

What I can say in general is that the idea is simply wonderful. I will really support the team of ANCHOVY. to go on with this. There are many people interested in this kind of Morning Booster Event. We all know the benefits of doing yoga and exercising first thing in the morning.

The only thing I didn’t like was the dark atmosphere. Since it was a morning party I was excepting it to be on an open air location, or room exposed to a day light. And as we were pumping up ourselves, we could have been able of saying hi to the sunrise and all the morning light. It always feels good when the sun touches your skin.

Around 7 we were out of the Morning Booster Event, so I can not tell you how it ended. We were feeling pumped up for what was waiting for us. It ended to be like we were pumped up in the next 4 or 5 days, too much party too, much fun, too much going on.

That’s all for now. Too much news coming on. Stay with The Bohemian Style.

Sending you greetings and kisses.

Boho Slage