Morning Booster – Lemon & Water

Morning Booster

It is happening very often that my first drink in the morning is lemon and hot water. Simply morning booster. I like it because for me it is a good alternative for a hot drink. Lately I am ignoring coffee, and instead I drink black tea or a glass of lemon and hot water. As I am writing this post I still don’t know all the health benefits of it, but I am going to google it nicely, and sum everything up for my knowledge, and for yours of course. The main reason that I am writing this article is because for me it is good morning routine, it tastes good, I really feel good after and it healthy!

My recipe is very simple. Half squeezed lemon and a glass of hot water. And that’s it. Very refreshing.

The benefits of lemon and hot water as a morning booster

  • Help Digestion – Drinking any kind of water in the morning is good for the digestion. But a lemon with hot water seems to do this job the best way. The lemon juice flushes out the toxins from the body, it re-hydrates the body and helps the liver in producing some kind of an acid, which seems to be good for the digestion.
  • Boost of the immune system – We all know that the lemon is rich in vitamin C. Drinking this first thing in the morning helps the body in absorbing the vitamins, and vitamin C is good,well,for many things.
  • Clean your system – The lemon helps in increasing the rate of urination in the body. This is good because that way we get rid of the toxins much faster
  • Nice skin – The vitamin C, found in the lemon, is an antioxidant, and all the antioxidants help in fight against the wrinkles. It also helps in the skin being smooth and healthy.
  • Energize and good mood – The lemon is kind of food that provides the body with more energy, due to the negative charged ions. The smell of the lemon, on the other hand can cheer you up and clear the mind. It reduces anxiety and even depression.
  • Fight respiratory infections – This is well known to everyone, and the reason for this is the anti-inflammatory property of the lemon
  • Many other things

Dear bohemians, and everyone else, I am here for sharing good. Start your Monday morning with this morning booster of lemon and hot water. Let me know what you think and read more about my activities. If you want to read more about health tips and so I invite you to check the Blogger of Health.

With much love, stay health.