Morning Yoga – The beginning of a wonderful day

Morning Yoga

It was such a wonderful morning today, and I have added such a wonderful event on my calendar a couple of days ago. On Facebook I found an event for a morning yoga at Surfside in Sliema. I actually sow that my dear friend Lile was going to attend, so it sounded like nothing else but like an opportunity for a wonderful experience. I’ve done yoga many times before, mostly by myself following Youtube videos, and just a few times with someone else. When you don’t have experience and you are totally new at this, having someone to guide is the best and right thing.

Just the night before e met with Lile, and like always, she was very positive about me coming for morning yoga. I was also so, because she is the only one I have here that I can talk about our well-being, health, meditation, yoga, being a better person and all the things that come with that.

Last night I went to bed around 2:30, and my alarm for the morning yoga class was set for 6:45 am. The class was starting at 8:00, and I was thinking I will have enough time to wake up, and than go by foot, reaching Surfside in 35 minutes, or catching a bus.

Morning Yoga Class

6:45 am, the nice sound of my alarm started. “OMG!!! I have to go…. Should I? How sweet it is in my bed. How cute is to be next to him.”  I was thinking in my head. “It’s time to go for yoga, I really want to go, but I also want to sleep more”. I was moaning to my boyfriend. He simply said: “If it is important to you than go, if not stay in our sweet bed.”

Luckily the will of making something different and something that will make me feel good won. The will of making changes, and I was on my feet. At seven something I was out of my apartment. I realized that I won’t have enough time to go by foot, so I took the other option. Bus number 21 left me directly in front of Surfside. The sun was rising above the sea, and I was nothing else but happy.

I called Lile. She was happy to hear my voice. We went down to the beach. The group has just started meditating. Quietly we joined them. They made a space so we join the circle of life, as the teacher named it. It was a short meditation, but very nice. It’s different hearing the sound of the sea, and everything else around, than imagining it. 🙂 I have a book that says that while you are breading, whilst relaxing before yoga, it’s good to imagine the waves of the sea. Coming and going on and off shore, whilst you inhale and exhale.

After a couple of minutes we started greeting the day, saying “Hi” to the sun, opening our Chakras and letting the energy flow. Think what you think, but you feel it. You feel the blood through you vines, you are here, alive, present…but, it is also hard. Stretching of the muscles, keeping the balance, breathing properly and resisting.

Among the poses that we did this morning were: Lotus Position, Trikonasana Yoga, Dhanurasana Yoga, Sun Salutation, Chakrasana, Warrior Poses, Down Cat, Bakasana, Utkatasana, Garudasana,natarajasana and some others. (No, I don’t know them by heart).

We ended with relaxation, holding hands and saying prayers and we made the Om sound. The interesting thing about the Om sound is that, while I was making the sound I felt like vibrations in my head, exactly in the area of the third eye. It felt like frequencies vibration. It made me curious, and I really want to explore more about that.

The teacher, Balazs, coming from Ukraine, is a certified coach and part of FitYoga Team. I like how he planned the class and all the energy that was around.

At 9:50 the morning yoga class finished. I felt energized, ready for the day, very relaxed, and satisfied. After me and Lile sat at Il-Gabana to grab a fresh lemonade and grapefruit drink. I just wish more mornings like this.

How do you begin your mornings? Do you practice yoga and was the beginning hard for you? I hope you find my experience useful for you. I am willing to hear your opinions and advises on yoga. Be well and read more.