New jewellery collection for Boho Chic style

Boho Chic

The combination of vintage, minimalism and the free spirited nature of the bohemianism and the hippie movement are all incorporated in Boho Chic. Over the last 200 years there have been many variations of this trend, but many elements are still the same.

There are many companies promoting this style, and one of them is Turquoise Jewelry. It has created a new collection of jewellery, with the aim of creating a Boho Chic irreplaceable style decoration.

The main inspiration comes from the Southwest fashion, with the wide-brimmed hats and the flowy dresses or cardigans on the top.

Jewellery collection for Boho Chic style

Bolo Ties – The new Neckwear

In the 30’s, the bolo ties became a wonderful alternative to the cloth tie. Their popularity is growing, and they are made of precious gems. Surely it likes like a good idea.

Sterling silver and real Turquoise.


Water Wave Bracelets

In the Native American Culture, the water wave is a symbol of life and renewal. This knowing makes this piece of jewellery the perfect addition to the free spirited nature of the people embracing The Bohemian Style.

Water wave braiclet

Brooches and Pins

Boho Chic is drawing many elements from the past. In Turquoise Jewelry they have designed new bohemian brooches and pins, which you can find them in different colours and shapes.

brooches and pins

In this company everything is believed to be a piece of art, as is a bohemian person by itself. You will notice that mainly there are turquoise gems and stones. This is the birthstone of December, and it is believed that it brings good fortune, strength and helps in fighting illness. The name comes from the traders known as Turks. They brought the stone from Persia all the way to Europe. Native Americans, are into turquoise since the Aztecs time.

Turquoise Jewelry

There are also many other jewellery products coming from this company which you can check them on their official site.