Palazzo Parisio – Visit to a noble house

Palazzo Parisio visit tour noble house guide picture

If you are exploring Malta, and you are looking for some really nice places to visit, Palazzo Parisio may be the right thing to see. It is an old noble museum house dating from 1733. It was built by Grand Master Manuel de Vilhena from Portugal, and later it was passed to the Parisio family. This family used to live in Valletta, but after the invasion of Napoleon Bonaparta, they had to give their house to him, and they moved in the palace in Naxxar. In 1896 the house came into the possession of Scicluna family.

Today it is a museum, and everyone can visit it for 7 euros. There is a shop, restaurant, cafe and a wonderful garden. It is also used for weddings and similar ceremonies.

Please follow me on a picture tour around Palazzo Parisio.

Palazzo Parisio
Entrance room, with piano in the middle, pictures on the walls and many baroque elements
Palazzo Parisio piano decor
I like the books on the top of the piano
Palazzo Parisio
Portrait of some of the relatives, most probably… 🙂
Palazzo Parisio
Hand made sealing

The Red room / Sala Lombarda

For me this was the most interesting room. It was all red with a lot of paintings around. There are some paintings of the Maltese artist Francesco Zahra, and the rest are from some Italian painter.

Palazzo Parisio red room
Reed room, where the walls are hand made

Palazzo Parisio

Palazzo Parisio wooden carving
Wooden carving
Palazzo Parisio reed room pasionate
I found the Red room very passionate

Dining room

After the Red room, comes the dinning room, which also look amazing and very noble.

Palazzo Parisio dinning table
The dinning table

The service was designed by the Eglish company royal Doulton. The crystal is English, but the cutlery is not silver.

Palazzo Parisio dinning spoon fork knife glass set Maltese lace
Dinning set with Maltese lace
Palazzo Parisio english crystal
English crystal

Palazzo Parisio crystal glasses

Palazzo Parisio crystal glasses lace

Palazzo Parisio bed baroque
Bed by the window

Palazzo Parisio painting wall

Palazzo Parisio painting

The ball room

This golden room was designed in honor of the order of St John, and it has amazing details. On the ceiling there are symbols of astrology, science, music poetry and so. The chandeliers are made of bronze.

The interior décor in the house was done by the Italian craftsmen and architect Carlo Strada.

The bedroom

Palazzo Parisio
The bedroom

Palazzo Parisio decoration design baroque interior

Palazzo Parisio table

The Bride’s room

Palazzo Parisio brides room
Brides Room
Palazzo Parisio brides dress
The brides dress

The magical garden

Palazzo Parisio backyard garden magical green
The magical backyard

Palazzo Parisio outdoor garden

Palazzo Parisio bench garden

The garden is very long and it is overlooking the cost of ST Paul Bay. It is a mixture of Mediterranean colors and Italian symmetry.

Palazzo Parisio garden
Around the garden

Palazzo Parisio window flowers Palazzo Parisio

Palazzo Parisio

SO what do you think of Palazzo Parisio? Have you seen some other noble house? Please feel free to comment below.

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