A ride on the misty mountain Kozuf

misty mountain kozuf кожуф планина македонија macedonia

Kozuf is a mountain located near Gevgelija. A small city on the South of Macedonia, just near the border with Greece. It is a worm city full with interesting people. When in November I was in Macedonia, I went to Gevgelija to see one of my closest friends. I asked her to organize a short trip to some place nice, where I can find a good use of my camera. Anyway everything happened so suddenly, and we had a fun ride towards the mountain. It was me, Letizija and a friend of hers.

We drew for more than two hours I think, the ride was joined with a couple of stops and I really enjoyed it. The road was not good at all, and that scared me a bit. There were a lot of ruins and rocks, and the weather was very misty and creepy.  We wanted to reach the top, but unfortunately there was a snow and ice on the road 5 km before we reached the top, so we had to give up and go back. The peak is Zelenbeg and is at 2171 meters above the sea level.

I found out that the most specific thing about Kozuf is that it is the first natural barrier in our country, that is directly exposed to the influences of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. The mountain can be also reached from the Greece

Below you will see some pictures of the mountain.

Misty mountain Kozuf


If any day the road brings you near Gevgelija and Kozuf , you can really think about visiting the places. As any other mountain it brings purity and tranquility, and it reminds you of how powerful the nature is.

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