Short trip to Sofia

Theater Sofia Capital Bulgaria

My life has taken me many times to Sofia, but I never really had a chance to explore the city. On my trip back to Macedonia I also had the opportunity to go to Sofia once again, and have a short walk in the center.


The capital of Bulgaria is a city which landmarks reflect 2000 years of history. It has been under Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Soviet occupation, and all of them left a mark on the city. Today it is a metropolitan city laying under Vitosha Mountain, the center of the Balkan.

For me it happens that whenever I go it is freezing and very gray and dark and I am always in a rush. I am sure there is a lot to be seen. A very interesting thing happened to me last time. I went to take some photos and whilst waiting Ivaylo Zahariev, the actor from Undercover, a very good Bulgaian Tv Show, entered the shop. It was funny because I’ve seen the show and I really liked it. Take a look if you can. I couldn’t dare of taking a photo with him, but it was nice seeing him in front of me.

I also had a short walk around the center and I know I passed by Ivan Lazov National Theater and National Art Gallery.

Sofia theater building architecture
The theater was build by the Austrian architects Helmer and Felner, and is one of the most beautiful buildings in Sofia. There are twin towers that rise u behind are crowned with sculptures of the goddess Nike. In 1923 there was a fire and the interior was destroyed. Later on it was restored and now it has seating capacity to over 1000.
National Art Gallery Sofia
The National Art Gallery has more than 50 000 art pieces from Bulgarian artists. It is located in the Battenberg Square and you can not miss it. It was planned by the first Bulgarian architect Victoria Angelova and was build in 1942 to house renaissance and contemporary art collection.
Church of St Paraskeva Sofia
Church of St Paraskeva Orthodox Church in the old center of Sofia.
guards action bulgaria
I even managed to see the changing of the guards.

I garbed a sandwich in Costa Cafe, and while I was there waiting for my transport a friend of mine contacted me and recommendation that I visit Made in Blue, aparently a great restaurant and food. Unfortunately I didn’t have time for the.

Have you ever been to Sofia? Which are the places you visited and what do you have to recommend?

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