Arriving sick in London. What should you do?

sick in london

I’ve been in London for four days, but I still haven’t seen anything. I have barely even left the flat we are staying in. As a welcome gift to London, my partner got a tonsils infection, and that made the things almost like hell. We had to find a pharmacist and visit a doctor, which gave us an intro into the United Kingdom health system. Keep reading if you want to know what should you do if you are sick in London, and you have just arrived.

We arrived in London after 19 hours bus journey from Prague. You can imagine that it must have been very exhausting. The bus was full. It was also full with sick people, and kids coughing all the time. I was a bit irritated by this, because just one sit behind us there was this girl who was coughing literary behind us, without even putting her hand on the mouth. Her mother was next to her without saying a word to her daughter, but no problem the viruses were already all around us. After this “brilliant” ambient, Boki was sure he is getting sick.

Upon our arrival in London, a friend of ours picked us up from Victoria bus station. We took a metro and went all the way to Ealing Common Station, west London. My friends have a flat here, so we will be staying with them for a while. Currently they are in Macedonia, so me and Boki are alone here taking care of the dog, the cat and the three little fishes.

We had some pills for the first two days, but he wasn’t feeling any better, and the pills finished. If you ever had a tonsils infection, you probably have an idea how painful it usually is, and it brings big fevers with sweating and exhaustion. I was giving him many other alternative healing medicines, but we needed an antibiotics.

As far as I know, it is not possible to by an antibiotics without a doctors prescription, so was the case in London. I went to a pharmacy near by, Lloyds Pharmacy, and I was informed that we definitely need a prescription, and they couldn’t give me anything. One of the pharmacists advised me that we should visit a hospital or a private clinic.

We looked up for a clinic, but that was not the right one we need, than we were misdirected, we walked for 20 minutes looking for a clinic in a place that doesn’t exist. Than finally we found out that the only place Boki can be checked by a doctor is the Ealing Hospital. It is the only place where they accept urgent cases, other way you should be registered for GP health services, and the registration takes time, so no other doctor could have seen him.

In the hospital, there were many people before us. But luckily we didn’t wait so long. At the end they called Boki in, and they gave him everything he needed. We didn’t have to go to a pharmacy again. They gave him the antibiotics at the hospital, and if you are lucky like him, you won’t pay anything.

What should you do if you are sick in London?

So if you are sick in London, you should firstly go to a place for urgent cases in the area you are in. For west London it is the Ealing Hospital. For the other parts of the city there will be other urgent centers. From there follow the instructions you get.

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