Travel Guide for Sliema – Not to miss!

Sliema has the best location in Malta. It has the most popular bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels and shopping places, and it is one of the most interesting places on the island. But most of all it is one of the main resort centers on the island. It is located on a peninsula on the northeast of Valletta. The city has two waterfronts, one that is admiring the open waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and the Marsamxett Harbor. My Travel guide Sliema will tell you something more about this city.

Travel guide Sliema

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Short history

Once there was a chapel dedicated to “Our Lady of The Sea”, and it served as a reference spot for the fishermen and sailors of the sea. The name of the city is linked to the first words of the poem dedicated to this lady, beginning with “Sliem Galik Marija”. Sliem means peace.

During the Great Siege of Malta, the land where Sliema lays was a camping place for the Ottomans. The Knights of St John built Fort Tigne in the late 18th century. After it was developed by the British, they built elegant villas and many Victorian houses, which are still standing high. The richest citizens moved to Sliema and it was a place for the upper society. The years brought the awareness about the tourist potential and since then Sliema doesn’t sleep. There are so many buildings coming to be some of the best hotels on the whole island.

What to do and see

Sliema Ferries

This is very popular area in the city, and there are many things around. The area is known as Sliema Ferries, and over here you can take a ferry to Valletta, and in just 5 minutes reaching the capital. Besides this, you can find boats that go around the island, or you can take yourself on different kinds of tours, if you need any help there are many promoters standing and offering those tours. Not only ferries, but also many shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Tigne Point – The Point Shopping Mall

As I mentioned before, Fort Tigne was built by the Knights in 1792, which played enormous role in the invasion of the French. Today on that place there is the biggest shopping mall, and you will probably want to see it and fill your bags. There are many brands, and you can enjoy afternoon drink in French Affair outside the highest floor. In this area you can find rocky beaches, facing Valletta, a children playground, MedAzia Playa lido, and nice apartment complexes.

The Long Pomegranate

The pomegranate of Sliema is spreading for a few kilometers, and it can offer probably the best walk on Malta, or the best place for running. Every morning, afternoon or night, there are many people enjoying the walk. The view is calming, and it brings peace to the soul. Along the way there are many benches, cafes and restaurants or people selling something and offering different things. This can be the ideal spot for admiring the sunrise.

Independence Garden

Finally a green place in Sliema, for your eyes, your breaths and your soul, sooner or later you will realize that Malta doesn’t have them much. This is a garden on the seafront promenade and it is one of the best things you can see in Sliema. There are many nice flowers, and other plants, trees, benches, the sea in front of you, and it makes it a nice place to relax and enjoy the simplicity of the day. It was built in 1990 and it is a thing Maltese people should be grateful for.

Churches in Sliema

Since this is very religious country, we really have to mention the churches in Sliema. There are few of them. Worth visiting are Holy Trinity Church, which I really like how it looks and Anglican church dating from 1866. Parish Church of Jesus of Nazareth is here and the most beautiful one, the Parish Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. This one is dating from 1859 and is located near Balutta Bay.

Church Sliema Baluta Bay Mount Carmelo
Parish Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Sliema is really nice place to hang around. I will recommend you take a walk around it’s tinny streets and enjoy the Victorian Style all around you. It may inspire you somehow, it is colorful and very unique. Be careful not to get lost, everything looks the same.

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