Southern Lights-Beautiful Wonder of Science and Nature

Southern Lights

Southern Lights are the beautiful wonder of mother nature and appear in the southern hemisphere. Southern lights are known as Aurora Australis and polar lights. Southern lights are a natural light display in the sky. They are not so popular as compare to northern lights that are because of all about location. We can access northern lights easily but in the case of the southern, it’s not so easy because southern hemisphere is covered by ice and don’t have good accommodation, transportation etc. But there are some best places to see southern lights.

There is a scientific reason behind the appearance of southern lights. This lights appear when electrically charged particles, emanating from the sun, travel at a high speed towards Earth, resulting in a collision with the highest air particles. The different colours of the lights are in accordance with the different gases that are found up there. Most northern lights are green in colour, due to collision with oxygen. Sometimes the colour-palette is more interesting, with purple, pink or even red tones. The southern lights appear between 90 and 640 km above sea level, which is a lot higher than many people imagine. In comparison, airplanes usually fly around 10 km above sea level. When the northern lights are intense, it seems like they’re pretty close to Earth, but actually, they are not.

Auroras are somewhat random natural phenomena. As such, they cannot be predicted accurately. Questions such as “when are the best time to see the Southern Lights” cannot be answered accurately. However, over time, the statistical likelihood can be used as a guide to planning your visit to increase your chances of seeing the Aurora. Auroras can happen day and night, summer and winter. However, they are only visible if the sky is dark.

The Antarctic winter, between March and September, is the best time to see them.If you decide to go southern hemisphere and watch southern lights than you have a great choice. Add southern lights to your bucket list and enjoy this natural wonder of the universe.

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