Spending a holiday in Malta? Make the best of it!

The first impression about Malta for an outsider will be the Arabic style. And that is nothing to wonder about, since the islands were ruled by the Arabs many years ago. It looks like all of Malta is white and yellow. For such a small county it has an impressive history. That makes the county cultural enough. To make the most of your holiday in Malta here is a quick guide.

Holiday in Malta

This is one of the best tourist locations, with a lot of hotels around, bars, shops and restaurants. Sliema <3
This is one of the best tourist locations, with a lot of hotels around, bars, shops and restaurants. Sliema <3

Checking in: Choose Your Hotel

One thing is for sure about Malta: everything seems very small and yet you can find many hotels and other places for your stay. The most popular hotels in Malta are Hilton, Intercontinental, Corinthia Hotels, Radisson Blue, The Westin Dragonara Resort and much more. It is very important for you to decide what kind of holiday you want, and based on that to choose your locations. According to me if you want to spend your holiday in Malta exploring the island, where everything will be close and reachable please stay in the central part of the island mainly Sliema and St. Julians. But then if you are for a very relaxing holiday and you really want just to rest and enjoy the nice beaches, than choose your hotel in the South or in the North. Those are very quiet areas and they are much closer to some of the best beaches on the island. Beside hotels there are a lot of hostels, private rooms and apartments, and much more coming to be ready soon.

What To See in Malta

If it is your first time in Malta, the top spots listed below are a must, and make sure that you give yourself the time to wander, explore, taste and feel the atmosphere of the islands.

The Co-Cathedral of St. John & Valletta

Just a part of St John's Co-Cathedral. One of the main tourist attractions. Inside is a whole artistic treasure. Inside is a work of Caravaggio. ⛪
Just a part of St John’s Co-Cathedral. One of the main tourist attractions. Inside is a whole artistic treasure. Inside is a work of Caravaggio. ⛪

No visit to Malta would be complete without seeing the Co-Cathedral of St John with its glorious design and the capital Valletta. To see it’s treasure you must go inside. There are tours offered many times during the day. Go and enjoy the paintings of Caravaggio and everything it hides inside. After spend the whole day admiring the masterpiece of Valletta.

Take a Walk on Sliema’s Shore

Sliema is the busiest city on the island of Malta. It is in the central area and has the best location. There are a lot of hotels, shops and restaurants and many other things. Taking a walk all the way of Sliema’s shore is very good idea for getting to know the place, finding interesting things to do and places to take a seat and enjoy the wonderful open sea scenery.

Short visit of the Silent City

Mdina is really one cute tinny old city
Mdina is really one cute tinny old city

The old capital still stand at the highest spot on the island, I think. Use a couple of hours to visit Mdina enjoy the unique tranquility of it, and one of the best views across the island.

Spend a Sunday in Marsaxlokk

Every Sunday there is very big open market in this fishermen village in the south of Malta. The market is in the morning till the early afternoon. Here you can find many things, as you can imagine, but the most interesting thing is seating for a lunch in some of its restaurants and taste the sea food and prepared fish coming directly from the Mediterranean Sea.

Enjoy a beach day on Golden Bay

This is one of the best beaches on the island, and also one of the most popular. Enjoy the golden sand, all the water sports, diving opportunities and one of the best places for admiring the sun set. Over there you can find places to grab a snack and a drink, or even enjoy a lunch at some of Radisson Blue Resort restaurants.

Night out at Paceville, St Julians

A crazy place where the nightlife of Malta is taking its place. It is in between Spinola Bay and Dragonara Point. This place is crowded during the summer, and the nights are crazy and fun. Sometimes even dangerous.  A place where almost everything is Hugo’s (a brand that owns half of Paceville), and a place where you can find a lot of discos, bars, strip clubs, drug, alcohol, whores and who knows what not.

Day in Gozoazure from the other side

Since you came all the way to Malta, it will be a pity not to visit the green and attractive Gozo. Go in the morning so you have enough time to see the main sots of this island. You can take Hop on Hop off bus and admire the surrounding. Don’t miss Victoria and Cittadella, a place where Maltese people used to find sanctuary from attacks from Barbarians. Go to Azzure Window and swim in the inland sea or observe Ramla Bay from the cave of Calypso.

What to Eat?

When you spend your holiday in Malta keep in mind that this people eat a lot. And that makes you eat a lot. Malta is very popular for rabbit meat in tomato sauce, also horse meat, snails, Gozitan ravioli, Maltese crackers and much more. This cuisine is rich in flavor and in color, and the biggest influence comes from Sicily. Very popular is the Maltese goat cheese called Gbejniet and the sun dried tomatoes. In the morning you can enjoy the tasty Pastizzi and many other things from their pasticcerias. Don’t forget to try the local beer Cisk and the famous, but not very tasty, Kinnie drink.

So, this is my quick guide for a holiday in Malta. There is so much more that I can write about Malta and the life here. Your support will motivate me of doing this thing even better, so follow me around on The Bohemian Style.

I love you <3

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  1. Great article. I must add that Valletta by night is also spectacular. The views from the upper barrakka are breathtaking and there’s heaps of great wine bars and restaurants, theaters and music bars. Make sure to visit straight stress, its always bustling with night life.

    1. Thank you Ann for reading my article. Valletta is simply amazing at both, day and night. Even the energy in the city is different. But it’s wonderful any way. If not the best place in Malta 🙂

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