Sweet November, 10 days of happiness – Part 1

Sweet November quote

At the beginning of this month I had a wish to make it Sweet November. A “30 days of happiness” challenge for myself, which will help me find and remember a sweet and a happy moment in every day of the month. It isn’t anything extraordinary, but I only want to pay attention to the things we take for granted, and the things that made my days better. This post is the first part with the first 10 days of the Sweet November, hope you find it inspiring and motivating, and I hope you get my point. 🙂

Sweet November

  1. Today was a very happy day. I gave the challenge to myself, I felt so loved and I finished a great post about Valletta.
  2. I had a day off. I spend the early afternoon with Lila, my ex co-worker. We had a nice chat, drunk a coffee at Ileria in Ta-Xbix, eat a pastry in Busy Bee and I took some pictures with my Camera. It is always nice having the talk with a friend.

    In the afternoon me and Boki watched a very interesting documentaries, which gave ma a wonderful info and understanding why the Balkan countries are just where they are. I do recommend that you take a look at “Huston, we have a problem” and “The weight of chain 2”. In the evening I made a video of Malta and it ended up posted on YouTube.

  3. The third day of 30 days of happiness began with the best compositions of Bach. I worked morning shift and I enjoyed the sound.  It was unusual day at work because we had a shooting in our hotel, and I was included in it. I had 15 minutes of unusual fun, and when the video is ready I will share it with you. It will go on YouTube and on MaltaTv. Hihi, I am a star :D.
    Sweet November
    Behind the scenes at “Pebbles Boutique Hotel & Luxury apartments”

    I was also practicing for making a Vlog. 😀 As I was walking on my way home I did some talking with my phone, and people were looking at me like weirdo. I was not comfortable at all. The evening was ok, I spend it with the friends and went in the dream land.

  4. The forth of the Sweet November was WONDERFUL. After a great sleep, the morning has come and the beauty of the day with it. The morning shift was going very fast. I managed to stay very kind to my guests. Not to lie you, working as receptionist in a hotel sometimes asks for a lot of patience. People are spoiled, and that’s a fact! My manager asked me to put some rose petals and balloons in a room for some of the guests, I think I did a great job. Look how cute.
    Sweet Nowember
    Welcome for the love birds

    The evening was PERFECT. We ended up with “тресење вилици” and a lot of love around us.

  5. After a night, like the night before, I’m usually exhausted. This day I was afternoon shift at work. It went very slow and boring to be honest. I didn’t have any appetite during the whole day. When I finished with work, after midnight, we watched the newest documentary with Leonardo DiCaprio made by National Geographic, “Before the Flood“. What more can I say, except that it is a must see for everyone. A documentary about the global worming and desolation of our planet.
  6. The sixth was interesting, ordinary and a productive day. This day I posted my video of Malta by the sea. Please take a look here.
  7.  Today I did some packing, and half of it was done. I had the feeling of all my imagined and planned future washed away. Once again I was reminded how easily things can disappear, a life can disappear. Wish I can talk more about this some day. But it is Sweet November, and for me it is finding the sweetest thing in a bitterest day, a moment or whatever. So I took my wage and spend a couple of hours on the sea shore in Sliema, and I enjoyed my dinner with some sushi from Wasabi. Sorry Wasabi, but as a sushi lover and an honest person, please try to do better.
  8.  “More compassionate mind, more sense of concern for other’s well-being, is source of happiness” – Dalai Lama

  9. A well spend day with friends. We spend half of the day in a Eli’s Boho decorated home, which inspired me to write a post about. As usual she was so generous and she offered such a sweet healthy breakfast. Thank you Eli. <3
    Sweet November breakfast green tea honey german stolen figs
    Green tea with lemon and honey, German sweet Stollen and dry dates.

    Than because of having a sense for many things, I even helped fixing the door of their apartment. They were happy, and that made me happy. But the sweetest moment was the best salad I had in my life. Thank you Marko it was perfection. I have a lot of cravings for fruit and vegetables lately, and this salad was mix of both. If you are interested in trying something made by our friend go to Crave restaurant on Valletta Waterfront.

  10. Blessed are those who have sister like mine!!!

Sweet November will be sweet no matter how bitter it gets. I am not the same having seen the moon shine from the other side of the world.

Sweet November quote boho lady door door kindness