Sweet November – 10 days of happiness – Part 3

Sweet November

In this post I will tell you about the last 10 days of my 30 Days of Happiness challenge. Most of the days I spend them on the road. I sow some friends of mine and I got connected with the nature. I even got afraid of the power of the mountain! So, here is the last story of Sweet November.

21th – I woke up earlier and went to say a few words to the father I’ve lost 6 years ago. It is a good thing to say what is inside me and gather the strength for whatever is coming. After, I went to Ohrid with my
family. We ended up at Cuba Libre, a fine restaurant by the sea. Over there I met a friend of mine. We used to play handball before. It was good seeing her with her daughter.

Ohrid night macedonia
Ohrid at night. One of the best tourist places in Macedonia. It offers a tour through history, taste of Macedonian tradition and some of the Macedonian natural beauty

22th – With only 5 hours sleep, I grab the new day as earlier as I could. I headed myself to Gevgelija to see my dear friend Letizija. The one that we have spend so much together. I arrived there around 11 in the
morning. She made me a nice breakfast and we went out to seek for an adventure. Luckily for me, we met a friend of Letizia who was willing to take us on the mountain Kozuv. After 20 months in Malta, I was deffinitely craving for green places and mountains and so. I was so happy and excited, but also a bit scared from the mountain.

Kozuf mountain misty
Misty mountain

23th – The sleep was nice at Letizija’s. We had a breakfast, visited a friend of hers, and then I took a bus back home. My boyfriend was commng this day to Stip, and I was really looking forward of seeing him.
24th – We spend the morning at my home and than we hade a nice and fun lunch with my grandparents. Nice talk on the table. 😀
25th – Traveling all day long. Stip – Sofija – Stip- Skopje – Mavrovo. Starting from 7 am ending at midnight. I’ve had journeys like this, so it reminded me that I do am a crazy travelista. 😀
Weekend – Another two wonderful days on the mountain. Peace and calm gathering, joined with much love. We went at Joe’s house over there, and the rest was very nice.

I spend the last two days in getting ready for the incoming flight. Check if everything is ready, weighing the bags and make sure I have almost everything I need. On the 30th I was in Skopje once again. It was the end of the month. On the first new things on road, new places to discover, and much more to explore.

Oh Sweet November and my 30 days of happiness, I am glad I did this, and I marked at least one happy thing from the days I had. After all, it was a hard month! Leaving a place and getting ready for what was coming, everything joined with so many unpredictable things. After all I have one thing to ask and. How can anyone make plans and be so sure everything will go as planed???

The best is yet to come.

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