Sweet November – 10 days of happiness – Part 2

Sweet November

I have been away for a while. November has been crazy people! A lot of things happened, and I didn’t have time of counting the happiest moments of a single day. There were ups and downs, which made me realize many things. I must say, coming back to from where I come from, feels like charging the sucked up batteries. The truth is I needed the time I had at home in Štip. Happened what happened, I didn’t forget the 30 Days Challenge I have, and I am still counting. Here are some highlights from my Sweet November, from the 11th and the days that followed.

11th –  On this day I posted my first part of the 30 days of happiness challenge. I also get a wonderful present from Lila. A coloring book with the most beautiful patterns and figures. I enjoy doing this lately, and I’ve already sent some coloring post cards to my friends around the world.

Sweet November
You can find this book on www.mombooks.com

12th – This was my last working day in the hotel. I was not very happy that I had to be alone on the afternoon shift, but it went very fast. After midnight I met with with my boyfriend and our friend, and we opened ourselves and we had a nice night.

13th – Very lazy day, but at least I managed to transfer all my pictures and other documents from my old laptop to the new one. This means a lot! I had pictures dating from 2005 trapped on an old hard disc.

14th – This and the day after were hell!!! At 9 pm we realized that our flight is in 11 hours. Don’t ask how this could happen, it simply did. I felt not good at all, and there were a big self critics.

15th – at 6 am I went alone on the airport. Boki had to move the flight for the 19th, since he hadn’t finished everything he had. On the airport my baggage was exceeding more than 32 kg. To be more particular mine was 45 kg. I was not allowed by Wiz Air to pay for my baggage, so I had to throw away around 10 kg. Painful, but it was nothing comparing to the pain and the disappointment I was already caring in me. I had two hours flight to think. When I got in the sky I felt so tinny comparing to the sun, the clouds and the mountains peaking above the clouds.

At 11 am I arrived in Sofia. I managed to find transport to the bus station, and over there I had to wait until 4 pm for the bus which will take me to Kumanovo. From There my mother and my sister were supposed to pick me up. And that is how it happened. I informed them that I am in Sofia once I was there. Luckily I met to men and we waited for the time to pass in a cafeteria near the bus station.

16th – I spend the day with my mother and my sister, and the rest of my closest family. I did some shopping of winter clothes and for my upcoming job in Prague. I was not feeling good. I was still stressed from my trip and everything that happened. In the night I ended up having a nightmare.

17th,18th – Visit at the doctor. I was diagnosed wit low iron in my blood. All of my family started panicking a bit, and I finally had to take it seriously if I want to be healthy. This obviously was the reason for me not being energetic, tired all the time, so slim and everything that comes with it.

19th – In the afternoon my sister and her husband took me and my mother on a family lunch in a traditional Macedonian Restaurant “Meana za Merak”. The food was so tasty and I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of how wonderful the Macedonian tradition and culture are.

Sweet November
Traditional starter portions at “Meana za Merak”

20th –  Lazy day at home. In the evening I finally went out to see a friend of mine. We also went to the church, it was a holiday of St Arhangel Mihail. I did whispered my prayers to God!

Wow, the time flies crazy. I did see some other people in the days that passed, and I did many other things. Mainly I give accent to the time spend with my family, eating healthier as much as I can and taking care of myself. I had some other plans for this Sweet November, but than I simply let the days become my holiday in a place that will always be called home! <3


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