“Meana za Merak” – The taste of the Macedonian cuisine

Macedonian cuisine

I do like food, any kind of food, but most of all I like the Macedonian food. In my opinion it is among the best cuisines in the world. We do have a variety of dishes, rich with vegetables and different types of meat. Since I’ve arrived in Štip the Macedonian cuisine has been the thing I am really enjoying, and I also ha the opportunity to visit  “Meana za Merak”. A fine restaurant which offers a wonderful platters from the Macedonian cuisine and a traditional folk ambient and decoration. I experienced everything as a tourist, which helped me notice even the smallest details from the culture I am coming from.

My sister and her husband took me and my mother for a Saturday family lunch. “Meana za Merak” is located on the right side before Prebek, a neighborhood at the entrance of the city. I had my camera with me, so I will take you on a  tour through my pictures, and I hope you get some cravings for our delicious Macedonian cuisine.

Macedonian cuisine
The entrance ant “Meana za Merak”. Notice the barrels as traditional Macedonian element


Interior traditional decor
Interior traditional decor
Dry peppers as decoration. Very Macedonian :D
Dry peppers as decoration. Very Macedonian 😀

Usually we start with a drink and a starter, most of the time it is a mixed salad, and different buried platters. I ordered a small bottle of a local vine, and we shared a mixed salad together with white cheese, “urnebes salad” , “chicken fingers”, “banica” , “pumpkin” , fried potatoes and so.

"T'ga za Jug" is one of the best Macedonian vines. It goes very good in winter times.
“T’ga za Jug” is one of the best Macedonian vines. It goes very good in winter times.

Macedonian cuisine

macedonian cuisine banica potatoes salad

Macedonian cuisine mixed salad

The starter is taking a bit of time. We usually drink and chat a lot during this kind of gathering. I was eating like crazy and I was almost full. But I did make a bit of space for the main course. I ordered rib in the oven. It was so delicious, but I really couldn’t finish it all. I was hardly breathing. 😀

macedonain cuisine rib oven pork

At the end I couldn’t, but the others ordered a pastry. They had “gurabija”. This is a Turkish recipe, but don’t forget that we were 500 years under the Ottoman Empire, so it is obvious we have a lot of influence from there.

Macedonian cuisine garlic decor tradition
Garlic as decor
Macedonian cuisine folk decoration
Folk Macedonian Decoration


Macedonian cuisine restaurant decor folk

macedonian cuisine

I really hope you find this useful, and you get some nice idea about Macedonian cuisine, and the tradition it has with it. “Meana za Merak” really is a restaurant where you can enjoy all of that. The food is very tasty and the service was excellent. Judge the ambient and the decor by yourselves. Come back for more.