Things to do on a Family holiday in Malta

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If this summer you are planning on having a great family holiday in Malta, be sure that you will find many things to entertain all of you, especially the kids who are always craving for something new and exciting. There are many attractions for kids, and you will notice how Maltese children are running all around the seafront. In this article you will find some good advises about the things you can see and do with your kids, whilst spending your holiday in Malta. Enjoy the days, ya all!

Things to do on a Family holiday in Malta

Go on a boat trip

Most of the time the boat trips are very fun, even for the kids, so don’t doubt to take all of your family on a daily boat trip. It can be across the Marsamxett and Grand Harbur, while cruising around and admiring the forts, fortified walls and battlements. You can go even much further by visiting the Blue Lagoon and Comino, or all the way to Gozo and around it. There are many thing to be admired this way and the kids will be probably very happy going around the caves in Blue Grotto. You may rent a boat and spend the day wherever it pleases you. For this kind of event don’t doubt to check Book2Sale, and book a bout that will take you around the water of the Mediterranean.


Take a karrozin ride

The Karrozin is old Maltese way of transport. It is a small carriage pulled by hors. Once this used to be the general transport. Today it is a popular tourist attraction, and you can find many of those Karrozins offering tours around Valletta or Mdina. For the kids this is a joy and they will be higher than the crowd, providing them with a good view of the surrounding.

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Kiss a dolphin

There is a Mediterraneo Marine Park at Bahar ic-Caghag.Over there twice a day there is a performance dolphins and sea lions. It is a great way for the kids to understand more about this wonderful sea animals, there is even an opportunity to swim with the dolphins.

A day at Water Park

Not far from the dolphins place you can find the Splush and Fun Water Park, a place for adventurous day around the pools. At this place all the people can find a way to enjoy, who is for crazy rides will get them, who is for relaxing time can also get it. Going through the Super Bowl, Sidewinder or the Back Hole will be very exciting for the youngest, for those feeling lazy they can chill a bit on the Lazy River. There is also music, dancing, face painting, competitions and games.

Meet Popeye the Sailor

On the North, not far from Melieha, there is a place called Popeye Village. Originaly it was built in 1980 as a set of the Robin Williams movie, Popeye. Today it is one of the biggest attraction mainly for the kids, and for everyone else. The place is very colorful, and once you get there you will be greeted by Popeye, Oliva and their friends. There is an amusement park and fun places for kids to explore.

Visit Malta National Aquarium

In Qawra there is this aquarium spreading on 20 000 square meters, more than enough space for kids to meet the underwater life. Kids and animals is always a good idea. There are tanks with reptiles, insects, Mediterranean fishes and many other water animals. The main thank of the aquarium is a home of the species coming from the Indian Ocean, including sharks and eels and other exotic animals.

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